4x4 Instagram favorites #5

July 30, 2015

Instagram Favorites | chainyan.co

@rororuko - How can I not begin this with my love, Ruko? I almost couldn't include her ;___; She's one of those girls that like designing their photos in a way that they look like this when aligned, see, so choosing photos that went well together was so hard. But I did it. Well, because! Just look at her! As our friend Allie put it, るうこちゃんになりたい! I've been following her for more than two years now, ever since I saw photos of her at Grimoire's 5th Anniversary Party. Aside from the fact that she seems to look good in ANY style, I love Ruko for her cute smile. Her nose scrunches up and you can see all her teeth, but she still manages to look cute!! She is probably one of the few people who look good when they smile like this. Also, besides her photos, I also love the random videos that she uploads from time to time. My favorite is this one, where she practices her Mandarin with a friend. Too cute!

Instagram Favorites | chainyan.co
@maaanyaka - I first learned about Manaka when I saw this post on DropTokyo. I found out later that she does hair modeling for Zipper and models for other aomoji-kei magazines like mer.. I only didn't notice because I usually just look at the medium and long hair styles, ehe. I found her Instagram through Ruko - they seem to be really good friends. Her face is just so cute! I envy girls with feminine features, they seem to pull off the short bangs style so well! Also, a bit of trivia: Manaka's name is actually spelled as 愛(mana) + 花(ka), using the kanji for ai (love) + hana (flower). Even her name is pretty! * u *

Instagram Favorites | chainyan.co
@nijihan - Just like Manaka, I found out about Mannamiyu through DropTokyo. I saw that post and fell in love with her face. More specifically.. how her bangs fall on her forehead / frame her face. It's a bit hard to explain but I think it's just so pretty! It's a good thing streetsnap sites always include everyone's Instagram and Twitter usernames these days, it makes it much easier for me to stalk follow the people I like, heh.

Instagram Favorites | chainyan.co
@dearlanglang - If you're into mori girl fashion, you must have seen at least one photo of this girl before. (I did a quick image search on 'mori girl' just now, and I immediately saw a couple of photos with her in it.) Her name is 琅子, the model and (I'm assuming) the owner of Chinese mori girl brand, Dear Li. I've liked Dear Li ever since my mori girl days, so following her was a no-brainer. She mostly posts selcas, sometimes around 3 or 4 at a time, but I don't mind. For some reason, looking at her smiling face is quite.. calming? She posts Dear Li outtakes from time to time as well, which are always nice to look at.

That's it for now! Because I wanted to stick to sharing 4 photos by 4 Instagrams at a time, I had a hard time of deciding which ones to show for this post. I follow A LOT of Instagrams! Yet at the same time, I like keeping it at the 300 range, so I can still see everyone's posts on my feed. I look at my Instagram as a sort of source of inspiration, so if I notice that I've been skipping a certain account's photos without liking anything, most of the time I end up unfollowing that account since it doesn't inspire as much as it did before.. it sounds a bit harsh, typing it out like this, haha;; But I really don't like it when I end up not being able to see photos from the people that I actually like, so I stick to this method. Anyway! Since I still have about 320 accounts to choose from, I thought I'd do a certain theme for each 4x4 post, so it's easier for me to choose which ones to share. For this post, did you guess the theme..? It's the models whose faces I really like, haha! It's not a secret that I like pretty girls, so this isn't surprising at all, huh? I really do enjoy looking at them. In a way, it's refreshing, I guess. There are actually more, but like I said, I decided to stick to a theme, so I didn't include the LARME/CUTiE models or shop staff for this post. Look forward to it next time ♥

Beyond The Cutest Dreams: the Kawaii PH Book Launch

July 22, 2015

Beyond The Cutest Dreams | chainyan.co
Hi everyone! It's been a looong time -- more than one! whole! month! since my last post! おまたせしました〜ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ I apologize for always coming and going as I please! To make up for it, today's post will be extra special ~ my (overly delayed) event report of Beyond The Cutest Dreams, the Kawaii PH Book Launch! Held last June 17th at SM Megamall, this event marked the launch of the first ever book on kawaii culture and lifestyle in the Philippines! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧
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