The Sunday Currently, volume four

April 14, 2015 No comments

Last week, Aian did a short talk on Character Illustration at UP Manila for UPM-OMAKE's ACLE activity. Even though I'm used to seeing Aian work on his illustrations, it's a completely different feeling, seeing him talk about his work in front of an audience. (I have to admit, he does look kind of cool, heh.)

Also, I might as well take out the "Sunday" from "The Sunday Currently" completely, sigh. In my defense, I typed all of this out on a Sunday, but PLDT flaked on me so I couldn't post it on time. And other excuses. This will probably be the last Sunday Currently post you'll see from me, since I'm already bored of it (and I'm only at volume 4!!!!), but instead I'll be posting regular updates of my personal life.. or something. Not that my personal life is all that interesting _(:3 」∠)_

I recently read a chapter of Kinoshita Keiko's new work, so I spent most of my free time re-reading her older titles. Things are a bit meh on the BL front, so I tried checking out some new shoujo titles, but gave up soon after. Everything's so predictable, and so so so boring. I prefer reading josei, but the thing is, scanlation groups rarely pick up josei, so updates always take forever. I'm actually still waiting for the rest of Oboreru Knife, even though I already know the ending.

This blogpost, plus another one that's been sitting in my drafts for quite some time now.

I don't know if there's an actual term for this, but I reeeally like vocals that are so soft that the singing almost sounds like whispering. (Think Yakushimaro Etsuko and Hanae!) So when I heard DAOKO's whisper-rap in 水星, I knew it was love at first listen. The PV for the song is pretty cool, too!

"Will I be able to shoot tomorrow or not?" There are a ton of things I need to shoot for product reviews and tutorials for the blog, but I can't get around to doing them because I still have a lot of backlog left. The sooner I get to finishing them, the better, but it's so hard to be productive in this heat!

My Hada Labo moisturizer. I'm currently using the milk from the Retinol line, because I am paranoid and think anti-aging care should start at 25. I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks this, but it kind of smells like peanut brittle to me. I always think of peanut brittle whenever I put it on my face.

I wish I had time to catch up on the latest anime. There are so many interesting series coming out, but I haven't even finished watching Kill La Kill yet!

A T-shirt and shorts. I'm almost always in OFF-mode these days.

My new glasses! I accidentally sat on and broke my old pair (never ever place your glasses on your bed when you take them off), so I've been meaning to buy new ones for a while now. It was hard finding a design similar to my old ones so it took me a while, but I eventually found them. Randomly. At Sunnies Studios.

To take up watercolors. I chanced upon this artist's work while browsing Instagram, and seeing her feed just made me want to learn watercolors even more.

A binder / album for all of our postcards. I saw this photo on Tumblr a while back, and thought it would be a cute way to store all the postcards we got from CF and other conventions, instead of just keeping them in a brown envelope somewhere.

Frustrated. I've been wanting to shoot this certain concept for a while now, but then I go on the PC and see ALL. THIS. BACKLOG. Some of these photosets are even months old, I don't understand why I'm taking forever to finish them! Ugh :( Hopefully I can finish some of these before April ends.

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