2015—the year of friends

December 29, 2015

Since the New Year is in just three more days, I figured an end-of-the-year appreciation post was in order. And so here it is, my 2015 thank-you post. Or, to be more precise, a dump of all the photos I've taken with and of all my precious friends this past year. It's kind of funny how I planned this to be a detailed thank-you post, only to realize that my year was filled with all the same people, heheh. Not that I mind, really! ♥

2015 | chainyan.co

lollipop syndrome

December 17, 2015

lollipop syndrome | chainyan.co
lollipop syndrome | chainyan.co

Labyrinth Garden top // Divisoria top (inner) // Lowrys Farm skirt // tights c/o Wholesalebuying // shoes c/o LovelyWholesale
♫: Bonjour Suzuki - Lollipop Syndrome

Fluffy fluffy outfit~! Pretty much the same as my Kawaii PH Halloween Party outfit, only missing one layer of floof. These were actually taken late last month, for Kawaii International's Dolly Kawaii Contest. Funny thing is, because of all the preparations we've been doing for Comic Fiesta, I completely forgot to ask people to vote for me LOL _(:3 」∠)_ Oh well. As long as Risa is able to see my entry, I'll be happy (ʃƪ˘⌣˘)

This is my last outfit post of the year. I actually meant to post about the Kawaii PH Year-End Party today, but since there's still a ton of photos (meaning: selcas) that I need to edit for that one, I'll have to save it for next time.. or next year.. probably ;; Comic Fiesta is happening this weekend and I'm super excited! This is our third time attending CF, but what makes it special is that Aian will be having a booth! I'm super stoked but worried at the same time, as I also have media/blogger duties this year. I have to make sure I document everything, attend as many events and interviews as I can, plus I have to man Aian's booth when I'm free. How, exactly, I have no idea. But I'll do my best~! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

If any of you are attending CF, do drop by our booth! It's Basic Artbooth L17. See you~!! ヾ(*≧∀≦)ノ゙♪

November + December 2015

December 10, 2015

November + December 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
November + December 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
November + December 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
Two weeks ago. Finally got the chance to go out after staying indoors during the whole of APEC Summit week. Aian and I went to Makati - I attended an event while he stayed behind to play at the arcade. I was really hungry after the event so we had katsucurry for lunch, which I had a hard time finishing. By the way, before this, I never really liked curry. I don't like spicy food. Or more like, my taste buds can't tolerate it at all. The only reason I tried curry is because Allysa and Aian managed to convince me that Japanese curry isn't so spicy.. so I gave in. Now I crave for it every few days or so v___v

Zenfone 2 Laser (ZE500KL)

November 27, 2015

Zenfone 2 Laser | chainyan.co
Something shiny arrived at my doorstep a few days ago! It's the new Zenfone 2 Laser, sent courtesy of ASUS Philippines and Di9it

4x4 Instagram favorites #6

November 18, 2015

Instagram Favorites | chainyan.co
@marco149 // marco149.com - A recent favorite, I discovered Marco's work through Yagi Arisa's Instagram. I saw her photography work for Little Sunny Bite and I liked it a lot. Marco's dreamy style was right up my alley, so I followed her Instagram right away.

Instagram Favorites | chainyan.co
@mielllsucre - I was hesitant to add this person to the list, to be honest. I meant for this post to feature only photographers, and I wasn't sure if she was actually a photographer or just a person who takes photos (there is a difference!), but I really like her photos! The only info she has on her Instagram is that her name is Marilyn/まりりん, and that she likes cute things. I think she used to take photos for Grimoire's Hitomi's Styling section, before Hitomi started doing photography as well. I tried looking around for her portfolio but I couldn't find anything. All I found that her name sometimes pops up on sites like DROPTOKYO and Grimoire. So strange and mysterious.

Instagram Favorites | chainyan.co
@ice_lace // shinhyerim.com - Shin Hyerim is the first Korean photographer I found on IG. I found out about her when I stumbled upon her photography account, where she posts her actual work. I chose to share her personal one, because I like seeing how other photographers see ordinary day-to-day things. For example, I learned that aside from photography, she enjoys hanging out at cafes, and that she does shoe design on the side. She seems to be friends with Lee SungKyung as well; I love it when she posts photos of her on her photography account.

Instagram Favorites | chainyan.co
@ninagawamika // ninamika.com - Last but not least, one of my all-time favorite photographers, Ninagawa Mika ♥ NinaMika is well-known in Japan for her signature style of photography-- vivid and richly colorful --and I love that it's reflected even in her day-to-day photos.

That's it for this month's installment of 4x4! Took me a while, I know! To be honest I had a hard time choosing photographers to feature, since I only follow less than 10 on Instagram. The reason why I follow so few photographers is because I don't like following accounts that only post official work. (I do follow a couple of photographers like that, but only because I can't find their work anywhere else.) Don't get me wrong—I think using Instagram as a platform for showing your work is great. It's just that I prefer seeing photos that show bits and pieces of the people's daily lives. I think being relatable is important, because that makes people understand you a bit more. For me, I like that I get to see what kind of environment these people live in, what they do for fun, where they get their inspiration, stuff like that.

For next month's 4x4, I'll feature some of my favorite LARME girls! I know a lot of people are interested in LARME-kei and girly style these days, so I'll try and choose 4 of my favorite LARME girls next. Happy Wednesday! ♥

Kawaii PH Halloween Party

November 13, 2015

Kawaii PH Halloween Party | chainyan.co


October 24, 2015

26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co
26th birthday photodiary | chainyan.co

Dinner at Ramen Yushoken with Aian // Common Room PH pop-up at ATC // burgers and donuts and cake // Korean BBQ dinner at Go!Kizip (for the third time) // sudden Megamall hangout over parfaits, curry, and Starbucks with Aian and Allysa

Life lately, birthday edition! I turned 26 just last week, on the 16th. I spent the day itself with Aian, the next couple of days with family, and the rest of the week with my babycats. My birthday week was celebrated with food - lots of it. Ramen, burgers, donuts, samgyeopsal, parfait.. By just the third day I already felt like I gained 5kg, haha. I've probably eaten enough food this past week to last me til the end of 2015 _(:3 」∠)_

Making: a checklist for building an Asian skincare routine, so far I have 4 out of 12 (!!) products
Drinking: water. How does one keep track of how many glasses they drink in a day, exactly?
Reading: the latest chapter of One Piece
Wanting: so much to eat at Yushoken again
Looking: at possible planner choices for 2016
Playing: LoveLive! - Eli event on the JP server!
Deciding: to focus on skincare. There's a ton of makeup I want to try, but they'll take a back seat for now.
Enjoying: SSIN-nim's Youtube videos!
Waiting: for f(x)'s album to drop! We have a date!!
Liking: the self-timer function on the iPhone's front cam. I always have a hard time taking selcas since I can't press the capture button on the screen, so the self-timer helps a lot! I actually can't believe I tried using it just recently..
Wondering: what to do for Halloween this year
Loving: the MV for IU's Twenty-three
Hoping: I can complete my skincare checklist by next year. Most of the items I want are expensive, so.. ; v ;
Considering: growing my fringe out again
Watching: LoveLive! 2015 Dream Sensation ♥
Needing: to work on this one makeup tutorial that's been sleeping in my blog's drafts for a while now
Wearing: a Uniqlo x Moomin UT
Following: the #fx4walls tag on Twitter!! So hyped!!
Noticing: how big our babycats have grown ♡
Knowing: things can only get better
Thinking: of styling ideas for a shoot I'm planning
Admiring: the work of Min Heejin,
Sorting: photos I've saved on the PC for inspiration
Buying: COSRX's BHA Blackhead Power Liquid & AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid from The Skincare Curator
Getting: quite addicted to learning about the science behind skincare - the importance of pH, the use of acids, etc.
Bookmarking: a ton of threads on /r/AsianBeauty
Disliking: how slow I am at finishing blogposts ;___;
Opening: my email every two minutes
Feeling: very sluggish these past few days
Coveting: all of TadeAya's outfits (also, HER HAIR)
Wishing: I could be more assertive. I think assertiveness is an essential life skill.. which I don't have enough of
Original list via Meet Me At Mikes

September 2015

October 9, 2015

September 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
Lately I've been into very feminine things. Chalk it up to age, I guess?

September 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
I had Korean BBQ twice this month. The first time was with family, the second with friends. And I finally know what kimchi tastes like!

September 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
I've been using these two Lush items a lot recently: Mask of Magnaminty and Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar. I like them a lot! The truth is, I've had Magnaminty for quite some time.. way past its.. best before date, yikes. I've read on some Lush forums that it's still okay unless it starts smelling bad and stuff.. so I'm still using it. But I think I might have to throw it out soon, since it's getting too dry to spread on my face (and I'm scared I might get allergies or something). I'll do a proper review of both items soon!

September 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
September 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
I haven't been able to post a lot of kitty updates recently, but I'm happy to say that all three of them are doing well ♥

September 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
September 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
September 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
Last Saturday I attended Cosmania at SMX, my third (?) ACG event for this year. I haven't been attending a lot of local events recently, but I just had to attend this one because I really missed my Kawaii PH family! Also, because my favorite revolutionary girls, Seishun Kakumei, were performing! You can watch their perfs here and here!

September 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
September 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
September 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
With my LARME girls - Ashley, Mica, Kaye, ChiChi, and Nona

September 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
..aaand with the two girls I was most surprised to see at the event: Anne, because she's usually busy, and Kaila, because Kaila!!!! None of us had any idea that she was in Manila. I actually thought it was someone who looked exactly like her, haha! So glad to see her, even if it was just for a while!

September 2015 photodiary | chainyan.co
Went home with free potato chips from Calbee + my Maki Nendo from Hubbyte Toy Store!! Isn't she the cutest thing? So happy (♡´艸`♡)

Hello October, hello birth month! I wanted to continue from last month's blogging streak and keep going strong with the posts, but I was way too excited at the thought of seeing all my friends at Cosmania again, so everything just flew out of the window. (I have a very low EQ, I'm sorry!) But anyway, since October is my birth month, I'll try my best to keep posting! For now, here's my monthly check-in of what I've been up to and into recently. Happy weekend, everyone ✿

Making: a list of blog-related stuff for October
Drinking: coffee (Great Taste White!)
Reading: Asian skincare reviews. I recently learned that cleansers with a pH of 5.5 or lower are best for the skin, which means all of my foam ones are out, and that I have to replace them with Hada Labo's, which has a pH of 5.5
Wanting: to dye my hair. Maybe black/purple..
Looking: forward to Comic Fiesta 2015! ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)૭✧
Playing: ESNO's "Release" while I type this entry
Deciding: whether I should buy a 40mm pancake lens or just go straight to something wider as a walkaround lens
Enjoying: Red Velvet's "The Red"
Waiting: for both f(x)'s and WINNER's comeback!!!
Liking: The Private Life Of A Girl's posts on blogging
Wondering: how I'll celebrate my birthday this year
Loving: my new Maki nendo! ♥
Pondering: how to manage my blog calendar for 2015
Considering: getting a curling iron for my birthday. I'm getting tired of my fringe looking limp all the time
Watching: right now - Haikyuu!! S2, One-Punch Man, Noragami Aragoto, and Running Man (still)
Hoping: everything goes smoothly til the year ends
Needing: to buy some new makeup brushes
Wearing: comfy clothes because I'm getting ready to run errands and it 31 degrees outside
Following: Kim Dayeong om Youtube
Noticing: that I've been slacking off on posts again
Knowing: I need to take outfit photos for the blog
Thinking: of buying N5/N4 textbooks in Kinokuniya
Admiring: this photographer's work. So dreamy!
Buying: nothing. On a shopping ban until December!
Getting: SUPER! EXCITED! FOR COMIC FIESTA! I just got news that Aian's application for a booth got approved, so all I have to do is apply for a blogger pass this year as well!
Bookmarking: KL's public transport routes
Disliking: that the LoveLive! Movie has limited screening times locally. It's only available in six SM Cinemas. SIX.
Opening: a bunch of tabs, still on Asian skincare
Feeling: really lazy. I feel like curling up beside my babycats right now _(:3 」∠)_
Coveting: this beautiful book
Wishing: I had more time (and money) on my hands
Original list via Meet Me At Mikes

creature (of) comfort

September 28, 2015

creature (of) comfort | chainyan.co
creature (of) comfort | chainyan.co
creature (of) comfort | chainyan.co

Romwe sweater // Divisoria top, shorts, peignoir // Topshop socks // Asian Vogue creepers
♫: Lim Kim - Awoo

Super comfy pink and black outfit from almost three months ago! (It's been so long since these photos were taken that I'd forgotten what we did that day!) I've already said this before, but one of the Japanese street fashion trends that I really like is the underwear-as-outerwear trend. I know this trend has long been around even before Tokyo's It girls picked it up, but the thing is I only started liking it when I discovered cult party kei. I've always seen photos of cult party girls wearing some sort of lingerie as outerwear, like corsets and negligee, and I became really enamored by them. These days I still see a lot of this trend, but I'm guessing that it's because of the influence that LARME has had this past year. Almost every LARME model I know owns at least one item made entirely out of lace. Lucky for me, lacy nightwear is easy to come by where I live (thank God for Divisoria and thrift stores!). But wearing lingerie as outerwear outside the house.. that's a different story. If you're like me and live in a country with a lot of not-so-open-minded people, then prepare to walk amidst judging eyes. Remember: walk with confidence. Cuteness gives you courage!

style inspo : autumn coordinates from CUTiE 09/15

September 20, 2015

autumn coordinates from CUTiE 09/15 | chainyan.coautumn coordinates from CUTiE 09/15 | chainyan.co
autumn coordinates from CUTiE 09/15 | chainyan.coautumn coordinates from CUTiE 09/15 | chainyan.co
autumn coordinates from CUTiE 09/15 | chainyan.co
autumn coordinates from CUTiE 09/15 | chainyan.coautumn coordinates from CUTiE 09/15 | chainyan.co

Beloved lovely brands~ Freshly picked new autumn coordinates flash report! Cute autumn coordinates from nine brands well-loved by CUTiE girls: Virginis, Katie, Candy Stripper, EATME by Tsubasa Masuwaka, Honey mi Honey, Rosarymoon, Swankiss, Honey Salon

Aside from LARME, CUTiE has been one of my favorite magazines to look at for inspiration recently. In September 2014, CUTiE did a major overhaul* of their branding. I picked up a copy of their November 2014 issue while I was in KL, and I fell in love. The content of CUTiE is a lot more whimsical now than before. A lot more girly and a lot more playful, which is just my style. This month's issue had a lot of autumn coordinates, but this was what caught my eye immediately. I already knew most of these brands, so I was happy to see more brands that had a similar feel to them. I also liked that they had a lot of black, grey, and muted pink items -- colors that I don't mind wearing all year round, haha! My favorite coordinates would have to be the ones from Virginis and Honey Salon. Katie's and Candy Stripper's are really cute too, for a more laid-back look. I love Swankiss as a brand, but sometimes I can't imagine myself wearing their items because they can be too over-the-top cute, so I was glad to see how they put a more wearable outfit on the model. What about you, which one do you like? (*˘︶˘*)

* Sadly though, right before they released their September 2015 issue, they announced the suspension of the beloved magazine. I don't think they'll be discontinuing CUTiE entirely, since they only said they'd be "taking a break", but I'm not sure if they'll return with this version of the magazine either. We can only wish! (╯•﹏•╰)

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