The Sunday Currently, volume two

December 17, 2014 No comments

Doing The Sunday Currently on a Wednesday, wow. I promised to try and do this every Sunday (again, the key word here is 'try'), but these past Sundays turned out to be unexpectedly busy! I don't think the coming Sundays will be any less busy though, and I didn't want to keep pushing this post back, so.

READING "How to Chase Your Kawaii Dreams?" by Ashley. An inspiring yet very realistic look into chasing one's crazy kawaii dreams! Love Ashley so much ♥

WRITING down a list of things to remember before flying to Malaysia! Outfits, things I need to bring, etc. Only 9 days left before we fly out, I'm super excited!!

LISTENING to Hi Suhyun's I'm Different! I really like YG's new gen artists, but this sub-unit is probably my favorite in terms of style and sound ♥

THINKING of changing my hairstyle. Nothing drastic, just maybe something different from my usual look? I like how I look with longer bangs, but I find it kind of.. fussy? I can't describe it well, but with longer bangs I keep having to check my hair every so often.. which is kind of annoying, really.

SMELLING sweet milk tea. I bought a box of Okinawa milk tea from a bazaar last weekend, and it smells and tastes so good. Must buy more next time!

WISHING it would stop raining for at least a day or two. There's this bright pink sweater I tried to fade to a baby pink, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. I still need to bleach it again, but because it keeps raining I have to keep putting it off. I hope I can do it in time for our KL trip.

WEARING a towel over my shoulders. Getting ready to take a quick shower after I finish this post, heh.

LOVING WINNER ♥ ♥ ♥ I caved in and started watching WINNER TV five days ago, and just two episodes in I was already stanning one of the members (Nam Taehyun!) and saving photos like crazy. I really didn't want to be emotionally invested in another KPOP group, especially after the whole SM Entertainment fiasco (SNSD vs Jessica + f(x)'s Sulli taking an indefinite hiatus), but everyone in WINNER is so charming and funny it's really hard not to fall in love with them!

WANTING to buy WINNER's 2014 S/S Limited Edition Album. The photobook that comes with the white version looks SO nice.

NEEDING to get my eyes checked again. These days I feel like my vision is still a bit blurry even when I'm wearing my glasses..

FEELING somewhat disappointed in myself. I wish I'd done more photoshoots this year, but it's kind of hard since I very rarely get to leave the house.. also, the issue of getting someone to model for me is always a problem. I managed to solve it by inviting Leny to do come over and a few quick shoots with me, but even so, I wish I could have done more. I promised myself to do more shoots this 2014, but I couldn't, and I can only blame myself for not trying harder. Seeing Aian doing what he loves whenever he feels like it AND being very good at it.. to say that I get jealous is an understatement. It makes me sad because I do want to get better at what I do, but it'll have to take a backseat (again) for now. I need to get myself a day job first, so I can focus more on other things later.

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