The Sunday Currently, volume one

November 23, 2014 No comments

I've been seeing this on a lot on blogs that I stalk follow, but only thought of doing it now. I needed some sort of drive so I could get back to posting regularly, so here it is. I'll try to do this every Sunday from now on. (The keyword here is 'try'.) Here's the link to the original The Sunday Currently blog link-up.

READING nothing at the moment, but I'm thinking of starting on Shokugeki no Soma, aka the cooking manga. It's getting an anime soon, so I've been seeing a lot of people talking about it. I've seen a couple of pages and it seems really interesting.

WRITING down "set design" plans for future photoshoots. I stopped doing personal shoots for quite a while, so the whole thinking of set design + makeup + styling + direction got me really excited again. (The reason why it takes me forever to come up with anything is because I'm fussy with details.. so I tend to do everything myself. I'd model too, if I could, haha..)

LISTENING to Acid Black Cherry. I've been singing Cherry Cherry in my head for about a week now!

THINKING of Kuala Lumpur!! Just 33 days left to go until our trip, I'm super excited!

SMELLING cat pee. We took Mimi to the vet to have him neutered.. and he was so scared that he peed all over my bag, urk.

WISHING the Comic Fiesta committee would reply to my email already. It's already been three days ;_____;

WEARING super light clothing. I can't believe Manila weather is still this hot during the afternoon, even in November!

LOVING We Got Married. *gasp* I knooooow. I stopped watching ages ago, because honestly I couldn't get into any other pairings because I knew in the back of my head that the whole thing was faaaaake. I only started watching again because of Key and Arisa, and stuck around because of Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun. I recommend watching the seasons with these two pairings!! Honestly, I have not shipped any pairings this hard since Khuntoria. They are that good.

WANTING to buy more pretty fabric and fairy lights for my makeshift studio at home. Also, to buy a cute shoulder bag for days that I don't need to lug any of my cameras along. (I've been browsing and wishlisting items on Zalora since last week..)

NEEDING to think of outfits for our three days in KL. I still haven't bought my own luggage, so I'll only be borrowing my dad's, which is too small for my needs, lol. I have to remind myself not to bring three pairs of shoes like last time..

FEELING excited for all these future plans! I have to enjoy doing photography, blogging, and all my other side-projects to the fullest right now, since I plan on properly looking for work once New Year 2015 is over. You know, real life things.

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