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August 29, 2014 No comments

Sweater c/o ClubCouture // suspender skirt c/o Rosewholesale // platform shoes c/o Romwe // DIY thigh-highs + eyepatch
♫: f(x) - Red Light

Long time no outfit post~! My first and last one for August. And I was on a roll with the outfit posts last month, too. I blame the crazy Manila weather. For some reason, August feels a lot like summer! Because of the humidity, I sometimes get too lazy to do anything. You see, shooting an outfit means having to 1) shower early, 2) put makeup on, 3) get dressed nicely, 4) fix my hair.. all of which I get too lazy to do if it's too hot outside. I can do all of those when I'm going out, but for some reason I completely forget to take decent outfit pictures then wtf. I don't know how to fix this. I'll try to work harder to keep this blog alive ;_____;

About this.. I'm not sure if you can tell, but the outfit is inspired by f(x)'s Red Light! f(x) is my favorite KPOP group, I was so happy when they released the new album. The MV for Red Light was super good too! Concept-wise, this is probably my favorite album so far.The songs + art direction + styling are all daebak T^T My favorite things about Red Light was the overall look. They went from the schoolgirl look during Pink Tape to a more witchy one for this album. One of the main points of the look is asymmetrical makeup, where one side of the face has full makeup while the other barely has any at all. I tried doing it myself, as you can see, but it was actually quite hard to pull off! I think I managed it somehow, but as I thought, you have to be as pretty as f(x) to be able to pull off this look, haha.. Even so, I hope the feelings that I got from Red Light were translated well in these photos! ♥

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