super summer

May 4, 2014 No comments

Some of the photos I took for my online thrift store, Honeymilk. This time the model is a pretty kouhai of mine, Clarisse ♥ The past year I've tried to expand Honeymilk's offerings to include pre-order Korean clothes and even makeup, but after a while pre-ordering things just got a bit tiring, with me having to constantly remind people about cut-offs and payment and such. In the end, I went back to what I'd originally planned for Honeymilk - to be an online thrift store.

I've always loved thrifting and hunting for one-of-a-kind secondhand and vintage gems at local ukay-ukays, so I thought up the idea of finally opening a store of my own.. and I did. Kind of like Shimokitazawa's resale fashion shops, only online. I wanted to open a site for it, but that's a bit too much work, so I decided to stick to Facebook instead. Whenever I have time, I shop for pieces that go with a certain theme, then create a "collection" of sorts from there. (For this one, I chose pieces you can wear even in Manila's sweltering summer heat!) I try to look for Japanese and Korean brands that you don't normally see locally, so the aesthetic behind it is still rooted in mori girl and aomoji-kei. Everything gets checked and made sure to be clean and in good condition personally by me. I also do the styling (and makeup!) and the photography for the shoots. It gets quite a bit tiring since I do a lot of the things myself, but it makes me happy, so it's okay. I really need to work on the photos though! This set got quite a bit repetitive, I think. You can check out all the other photos here.

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