short hair, again

April 29, 2014 No comments

Last few photos of me with long hairrr.

Jot doing his magic~ (Also, I'm sorry you have to see my weird round-squarish jaw haha ;;)

Snip snip snip!

Styling + a few adjustments..

Tada~! Okay, so it isn't that short. Left is after I just left the salon, right is when I tried to style it myself LOL ;;

This post has way too many selfies in it - I apologize. I couldn't think of any way to document my first haircut of the year, other than take mirror photos while it was happening. (If only I had someone who could take them like I did for Donna!)

I had my hair cut at Azta Urban Salon ATC, by Jot Quero, my usual stylist. Up until 2012, I didn't have a regular stylist. I thought then that haircuts were just that - haircuts, so I just went wherever was convenient. After a few hits and a LOT of misses, I finally settled on having Jot as my stylist. I found out about him from Yapo, who has her hair cut by Jot as well. I dropped by ATC one day to try it out, and ever since then I've been running to Jot whenever I get fed up with my current hairstyle. This time I had a few inches chopped off. I was contemplating whether to just have my bangs trimmed or go on and get a shorter cut (I haven't had short hair for quite a while).. I decided to get a medium length instead, since it's summer anyway. How is it? I still put it up in a (tiny) ponytail at home, but when I go out I have to spend more time styling it since the ends go in different directions if I don't, haha. It takes some getting used to, but I quite like it ♥ ♥

If you're interested, you can drop by Azta Urban Salon at ATC and ask for him. He's in until 9PM everyday except Wednesdays. A cut is only P250, which is super cheap considering I always walk out of the salon happy with whatever he does with my hair. (I once went in and asked Jot to cut it however he wants, and he gave me jellyfish hair. It's still one of my favorite styles to date.) If you want to just have your bangs trimmed and are too lazy / scared to do it yourself, you can have it done for P120. Again, for me, this is a cheap price to pay - I'd rather pay someone who knows what they're doing than risk cutting my bangs way too short / unevenly. If you do go, tell him you found out about him on my blog heheh ;)

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