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March 31, 2014 No comments

Vassen Lily 3 Tone Gray |

Hello everyone! Today I'm reviewing yet another pair of grey lenses, sent to me by LoveShoppingholics. (Recently I've become quite obsessed with having grey eyes, haha.) Ever since I tried wearing Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Gray Lenses, I fell in love with lenses that don't have a very noticeable limbal ring. I chose this particular design since it was very similar to the Cocoro - I thought I'd compare the two designs. These are Vassen Lily 3 Tone Gray Lenses. (◡ ‿ ◡ฺ*)

Vassen Lily 3 Tone Gray |
Lenses in the case.

Vassen Lily 3 Tone Gray |
When worn, close up.

Vassen Lily 3 Tone Gray |

I like the design a looot. What caught my attention in this design is that the limbal ring is made up of tiny broken lines, instead of one solid line. The only thing I don't quite like though, is that the middle part doesn't blend as nicely into the eye as the Cocoro's. I wish the middle part was more.. diffused? Or something. Other than that, the design is great. As for the color, I love that it has a true grey color, and not the usual bluish hue that most grey lenses have. Also, I love that it's still noticeably grey under low lighting.

Quite enlarging at 14.5mm. Recently I've been preferring lenses with this diameter over bigger ones (14.8-15mm).

I can wear these without any problems at all! Very comfortable.

Currently, these lenses have taken the place of my Cocoro pair as my everyday lenses. I like that these can be worn even on normal days, when I'm too lazy to put on makeup. As I've said before, these days I prefer lenses with barely-noticeable limbal rings, since it's more natural-looking, compared to dolly lenses with solid black rings. I wish Vassen would come out with something that's a mix of the Lily and the Cocoro though, that would be nice!

A few reminders:
☆ It is your responsibility to minimize the risk of wearing lenses, and you are best advised to consult your eye doctor beforehand. Kindly please read the wear & care guide carefully to ensure proper handling of lenses. The rule of thumb for lenses: if you experience any discomfort, remove the lens immediately.
☆ Though the lenses were sponsored by LoveShoppingholics, everything written here is 100% my honest opinion.
☆ All photos used in this review belong to me. Please do not take them without my permission!!

Aside from these lenses, LoveShoppingholics will be sponsoring one more pair, which will be given to one lucky reader! The winner will get one pair of contact lenses, in any design of their choice! Open to all readers, international ones included! ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ The giveaway is up on my Facebook Page, go check it out! Thanks for reading ☆

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