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February 21, 2014 No comments

Ever since my left shoulder was diagnosed with tendinitis + a mild case of tendinosis, I've gone back to using backpacks for everyday. I still have a couple of shoulder bags lying around, but I don't use them as often. The reason is because I was told by my doctor not to put unnecessary strain on my left shoulder.. but if you're like me and have to lug around a camera that's almost 1kg whenever you go out, that's kind of impossible. The only solution was to shift to backpacks so that the weight is evenly distributed on my two shoulders. The only problem was, all my backpacks were old ugly ones I used back in highschool, urk. Which is why I'm super happy that RoseWholesale sent me this lovely leather backpack! I like that it's not too small that my dSLR won't fit, and not too big that I look like I'm running away from home, lol. The size is just a little smaller than A4, I think. I tried putting inside a magazine to check, and only my smaller ones (like the NYLON JP magazine) can fit. It might be a bit too small for other people, but for me it's just the right size since I don't want to be bringing too many things on top of my camera.. or else my shoulders'll hurt again. I also love that it has two front pockets. I love bags with lots of pockets, cos I put in a lot of things in them-- lip balm / lip gloss, eyeliner, my powder pact, candy, loose change, etc. And can I just say how much I love the color? It says beige on the site, but it looks more like a milky white to me! It's not stark white, but not beige either. Kind of like the froth on top of a latte! So cute! ♥

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