CANMAKE Spring / Summer Product Launch

February 18, 2014 No comments

Last Thursday, February 13, I had the pleasure of attending the launch of CANMAKE's Spring / Summer products for 2014. Though I do like makeup and talk about certain products that I like from time to time, I am in no way a beauty blogger, so I was quite ecstatic that I was invited to an event such as this. Especially since the event is for CANMAKE! And you all know how much I love this super cute makeup brand~

We got to hear personal stories about CANMAKE from Kaori-san, Assistant Manager for CANMAKE overseas sales, and Sachie-san, President and CEO of CANMAKE Philippines. There was also a little beauty workshop, where CANMAKE's Chief Make-up Artist, Bea Almeda, taught everyone some tricks for kawaii makeup. And since it was a product launch, we were introduced to and got to try out the brand's new products. Playing with all the pretty makeup made me want to take everything home! Afterwards, we went to celebrate the opening of CANMAKE's super cute new space in Somera, Glorietta 2. I got to hang out with the CANMAKE PH team and fellow CANMAKE fangirls Tricia Gosingtian and Tracy Dizon the whole time. It was super fun! So much love for the CANMAKE PH team for having me


As I mentioned, during the launch we were introduced to CANMAKE's newest offerings. Here's a little bit about them~!

CANMAKE Tokyo's Exclusive Spring / Summer Collection Kit -- Must haves for the season!
1 Candy Wrap Lip - Spring's trendiest red lip gloss! A limited edition product that'll soon create a buzz in Manila!
2 Lash Care Essence - Make-up that aims to take care of your lashes! A Hall of Famer at @cosme, Japan's no. 1 make-up word of mouth site, this treatment is what you need to repair those damaged lashes!
3 Highlight Brush - A handy and cute brush that highlights your face's beautiful glow! In stores this March 2014!
4 Cheek Brush - Popular in Japan, this cheek brush makes you prettier than ever with every swipe!
5 Glow Fleur Cheeks 05 - The yellowish pink blush that's starting to gain a cult following in Japan! With its cute packaging, pigmented color and handy size, the Glow Fleur Cheeks is now Japan's fave blush!

Easy & Fast Make Gel – Php530 | Perfect Serum BB Cream – Php680 ☆ | Smooth Liquid Foundation – Php1050 | Marshmallow Foundation Powder – Php650 ☆
Glow Fleur Cheeks - Php590 ☆ | Color Change Eyebrow - Php410 | Lasting Multi-Eyebase WP - Php390 | Perfect Stylist Eyes – Php620 ☆
Lash Care Mascara ☆ | Hyperslim Gel Eyeliner Php450 | Quick Easy Liner - Php390 | Candy Wrap Lip - Php390 ☆

Those marked with a '☆' are my personal picks! These products are the ones that I've tried and really liked or products that I'm looking forward to getting next. But honestly, what I'm super excited for is CANMAKE's new skincare line, which I posted on Instagram while I was at the launch. I haven't got much information about it, only that there would be two lines, one for Dry/Normal skin and one for Oily/Combination skin. Each line consists of a facial wash, a lotion (or the toner, as we call it here), and a moisturizer. These will be released in Asia only, and will be in stores this March 2014. Definitely something to look forward to! For now, be sure to check out CANMAKE's new space in Somera! It's in Glorietta 2, beside Sunnies by Charlie. The window is super girly and cute, you won't miss it!

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