December 7, 2013 No comments

Finallyyy, my first ever piece from OS Accessories! I've been wanting to buy something from OS for the longest time, but I just couldn't incorporate any of them into my mori-dominated wardrobe. My style has changed a lot since then. (I do still like mori girl a lot, but not so much on myself anymore. I wear mori-themed things from time to time though.) With my growing all-white wardrobe, I've started buying more and more white things. White clothes, white accessories. White on white, white and pastel, white and black. I love it so much! I might be sticking to this style from now on. With that, I can now start buying all the OS pieces that I've been lusting for! After getting these Cosmicheart earrings (which I fell in love with when they were first released), I'm now planning on getting one their chokers.. I'd get a harness or a cap, but maybe when this poor little me gets a more stable job, ehehe _(:'3 / L)_

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