November 14, 2013

With all the things happening in the Philippines right now, almost everyday has become quite depressing. What makes it worse are the people sharing the news online. Sharing is okay, but pointing fingers and judging others.. Even going on Facebook has become quite toxic for me. I can't even scroll down once without seeing someone blame the government, or something. It's become too much, really. With that said, all we can do is just do our part, and hope that it's enough. (For a list of ways on how to donate, click here.)

Right now, the only thing distracting me from everything is the GazettE's new album, BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was spazzing over it like a little girl, and now, I finally have it in my hands. What's more, I actually have the Limited Edition. So happy I can cry!!! ;______; Aian got me this as a birthday gift, with the help of our friend Emile (who was nice enough to carry this huge thing the whole time he was in Japan ;______;). Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you x 9999. So so so so happy. I wanted to share how beautiful this album is with everyone, so I decided to take photos while I was unboxing it (for the third time lol). Enjoy!

late September to October 2013

November 8, 2013

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I realize that I've been taking photos with my phone way more than I do my other cameras, which is why I haven't been able to upload any ~proper~ photodiaries lately.. I apologize. This is what my everyday life looks like through my phone. Yes, my everyday life consists mostly of eating, buying things online, taking selfies, and staring at fat little cats.
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