style inspo : white-out

September 8, 2013 No comments

Image credit: RID SNAP, DROPTOKYO, Tokyo Faces, various Tumblr blogs

Recently I've been very much into white. White on pastel, white on white. Ever since I dyed my hair black, I've pretty much worn nothing but white and muted pastels. I've even started exchanging my non-white items for white ones. I think my love for the color (or lack thereof) is about the same as Yapo and Aian's love for black. Haha! This obsession first started when I saw Uruha's all-white outfit for their VENOMOUS CELL OMEGA live. Putting aside the fact that it was Uruha (because let's face it, anything Uruha wears looks a-ma-zing on him), his outfit was just.. wow. Black outfits look good and all, but I never realized how white can be so striking (〃艸〃)

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