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July 18, 2013 No comments

Sometime last month Aian and I placed Taobao orders via Taobao Manila (with the help of our awesome friend Yapo). For those not familiar with Taobao, it's a huge online marketplace where you can buy goods and such from China. Kind of like a Chinese version of eBay or Amazon. Taobao Manila is a shopping service that helps you get stuff directly from that site.

The process is like this:

Browse (usually takes up a lot of time lol) → you pick items you want to buy → you forward the links to TM → deposit downpayment → they buy the items for you → you wait about a month (or even less) → you pay the rest of your balance → you pick up your items or they send you the items.

Sounds easy, right? Trust me, the hardest part was choosing which items to buy > A < Taobao is a money sink, I tell you. So many cute and shiny things! Evil, evil place. Anyway, what's done is done lol. Here are the stuff that Aian and I got~

First off, Aian's purchases! Wallet chain, leather cuff, and a leather bracelet (a freebie from TM!)

More leather + chain accessories..

Dragon + skull ring

Face masks! Aian bought a looot of stuff from Taobao lol * ^ *

And now, for my haul.. I got jealous of all of Aian's spikey stuff so I bought some too.. in pink, heh.

Mameshipamyupamyu iPhone 4S case!! I was going to buy one from Japan, but it was pretty much sold out everywhere wtf.

Heheheh. This awesome cap. I saw Silent Siren's Hinanchu wearing it on her Twitter DP. I really liked it so I had to buy it lol.

Last but not least!!!!! This Chrome Hearts necklace (or bracelet?) replica! I wanted one that looks like the one Uruha usually wears (he wears it on the MELT pamphlet), but since I am dirt poor and can't afford Chrome Hearts I bought this one instead. It's super pretty IRL! I might buy a couple more. (I'm actually planning on buying more accessories similar to the ones Uruha has, ehe.)

It's actually not a lot now that I think about it.. Well, Aian's total was way higher than mine I'll tell you that! He went crazy and spent it all on visual kei things. I don't blame him! Even I thought the masks were super awesome. As for me, I kept it in mind that I could only spend on accessories this time, because I have way too many clothes. Actually, I didn't include them in this post but I bought a couple of other things.. that is a barbell for my industrial piercing and a set of earrings.. but I made a tiny mistake when I bought them so I didn't include them in this post anymore. Aian and I are really happy with what we got though! Favorites from this haul.. definitely his masks and my iPhone case + CH necklace/bracelet thing~

The truth is, this was my first time buying anything from Taobao, so I'm glad that I didn't encounter any sort of problem and that the transactions went super smoothly. If anyone from the PH wants to buy anything from Taobao, I highly recommend using Taobao Manila's shopping service! You can visit them here, or like them on Facebook here.

ご読了ありがとございました // Thank you for reading ♡

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