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April 16, 2013 No comments

Lowrys Farm cardigan, Giyongchy top and angel eye necklace c/o Romwe, Candy Kawaii Lover skirt and stockings,
cherry hairclip from Taobao, chocolate iPhone case from eBay. (Pink creepers not in photo, urk.)

Partial outfit post from last Saturday. This is, in truth, just an excuse to show off my Giyongchy top! I'm not really much of a VIP, the only songs I know from Big Bang can be counted with one hand, but I know a ton of GDragon's. I used to have Hello (from his Heartbreaker album) as my phone's ring tone, haha! So I was really happy to get this top. It's a bit tiny, but it fits. I was prepared to sulk in a corner if it didn't, lol. Actually, I was looking for a shirt that has the logo from One of a Kind, but when I saw this I thought, "I have to have this!" and got it out of impulse. I love it. I'll do a proper outfit post soon.

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