wishlist : sakurairo

March 18, 2013 No comments

Flower lace top, nude sunglasses, platform sneakers with rivets, pink cat bag, vintage pink pleated skirt. All from Chicnova.

Although we don't have Spring where I live, I decided to put together a little Spring wishlist. As the title implies, this list is inspired by sakura, Japanese cherry blossoms. When I think of Spring, I always think of Japan and hanami. Hanami literally means flower viewing, and in Japan it almost always means sakura viewing. From the end of March to early May, sakura bloom all over Japan. In addition, during this time Japan comes up with different kinds of sakura-themed things! Sakura mochi, sakura macarons, sakura roll cakes.. Starbucks even has sakura lattes and frappes! (Ashley has a photo of it here!) I've only ever seen photos of sakura in full bloom, but I do dream of being able to see them in person one day (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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