chocolate chip + oatmeal raisin chocochip cookies by sweet rewards

March 1, 2013 No comments

More more more cookies by Sweet Rewards! If you remember, I posted about their oatmeal and snowball cookies the last time. A week after I tried those, Luisa gave me another batch of cookies, this time chocolate chip ones! Sooooo good. I got half with raisins and half without so I could try both. I don't like raisins that much, so I gave all the ones with raisins to Aian lolol - u -

Both are really good though! And the chocolate chips are huuuge. Huge cookies with huge chocolate chips! Nom. I suggest buying 2 or 3 at a time though (one order contains six pieces), we ended up finishing a box of twelve cookies in one sitting. They are just that yummy, trust me. You can order online on their Facebook Page here

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