wishlist : i do believe in fairies

February 2, 2013 No comments

Forever21 Ribbon Lace Corset
F.i.n.t Dot Tulle Skirt
Lime Crime Lipstick in Cosmopop
ASOS Cat Ears Lace Headband
ROWKY Unicorn Earrings
Miss Selfridge Rose Spike Stretch Wristwear
UNIQLO x Sanrio My Melody 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt
L`atalier du Savon Cat Flats (available here)

Pastels, pastels, and.. more pastels? For some strange reason, I've become quite attracted to pastels recently. I even bought a bubblegum pink camera bag recently! I've always liked pastels, yes, but these days whenever I take a look inside a store I almost instantly gravitate towards racks with peach pink and mint green in them. So strange. Here's a list of things that I reeeally want to get my hands on now. That corset is first. I was shopping for undergarments at F21 yesterday and saw that lovely little thing. I can only hope it's still there when I go back, else I'll be kicking myself for not getting it when I could! ;;

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