UNIQLO x One Piece Spring 2013 comes to Manila

January 30, 2013 No comments

Being the huge One Piece nut that I am, I was ecstatic when I found out that One Piece UTs were finally coming to Manila. I went to UNIQLO on the very first day that they came out, and bought a super cute Tony Tony Chopper shirt for myself. It's really just a regular long-sleeved shirt, but I bought it two sizes bigger (in XL) because I thought it made for a really nice shirtdress! I would've bought more than just one UT, actually, but I'd already bought a couple of shirts on impulse earlier that week, urk.

Wearing my Choppy shirt out on a chilly evening! Isn't it just so adorable? I love Choppy so much! I wanted to buy all of the Choppy shirts, that day. I'm still eyeing a couple of designs from the line, which hopefully I'll be getting my hands on very soon!

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