acquisitions for January

January 22, 2013 No comments

Disney x franche lippée shirt-dresses from UNIQLO, with Alice and Bambi prints! I've been eyeing these lovelies since the start of December, and promised myself that I'd buy at least one after Christmas.. but I ended up buying something else with my money. When I went back last week, I sort of panicked because I thought they'd been pulled out from the store. After looking around I saw them on a sales rack, priced at P490 each(reduced from P990). So lucky!

Tsumori Chisato + Liz Lisa dresses. Here's a confession: I actually told myself not to buy any more Liz Lisa stuff because I thought that it was making me stray away from mori girl and making me look more gyaru than anything.. I wonder why I thought that? But now I've embraced the mori-gyaru side of me completely. Ever since getting rid of the label, I've felt so much more free. I can wear whatever I want now! But then again, it's not like I'm going to do a 180-degree turn, so.. haha.

Fluffy long white skirt, platform shoes, cat T-shirt. These are all gifts, sent to me by SammyDress!

Gifts from a new sponsor, Chicnova! How adorable are the cat beret and the apple necklace? [めっちゃかわいいですよね?]

Sweaters from SheInside! So happy to be getting more sweaters now that I've pretty much sold all my old ones. December came and went without even the slightest hint of Christmas weather.. but ever since the start of 2013 our weather's been dropping lower and lower. This is the closest thing to winter that we'll ever get, but I'm not complaining! It's only 25 degrees and I can barely handle the cold as it is. What more when it drops to 20? *shivers* (Also, yes, that is a cat-face sweater.)

Floral culottes from ROMWE. Love the pattern on this. Reminds me of Grimoire! This also came with a pair of cat tights (which you can see in this photo) but I wore them the other day so they're in the laundry and I couldn't take a photo. Coincidentally, all of my sponsors sent me cat stuff this time, haha! So happy!

And~! I saved the best for last. One Piece shirtdress from UNIQLO! With Choppy on it!! I bought this the same week as I bought the two shirts above. Crazy! I don't usually buy this much from retail stores, so this is a first. But really, how can I pass this up? One Piece x UNIQLO!! I've been dying to get my hands on One Piece shirts ever since I joined the fandom last year, and here they are. I can't believe it. I'll probably end up buying all the Chopper ones before the month ends ;;

I also gave in and bought The Body Shop's Tea Tree Facial Wash (it was on sale), Human Nature's Nourishing Face Toner and a few other things. Err, clothes, mostly.. but I completely forgot to photograph them, whoops. Next time. Also, whatever happened to that "Spend less on unnecessary things and save up for an overseas trip" resolution? And it's only the beginning of the year, wtf. I promise to stop buying clothes once I'm satisfied with my UNIQLO purchases. Just two more shirts and I'm done, that's it. (I think I need help.)

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