TONYMOLY ATC Branch Opening

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November 25, 2012 marked the opening of the newest branch of TONYMOLY in Alabang Town Center - something that I know a lot of us from the South have been waiting for for a long time now! I was ecstatic when my friend Angel told me about a new Tony Moly branch opening in ATC sometime October-November, and I'm really glad it's finally here! She invited me to attend the blogger event on the 26th as well, which was held in line with the new branch opening and the introduction of Tony Moly's new Aqua Aura line.

The new Aqua Aura line, as endorsed by JYJ. (More about these products soon!)

Yummy refreshments c/o Tous les Jours. I really, really enjoyed the blueberry macarons! * u *

With pretty bbys Angel and Meoki ♥ (Taken from Facebook, so sorry for the quality!)

Decided to do a quick mini-tour of the new TM branch. First think you'll notice: the whole place has JYJ everywhere!

Lots and lots of Tony Moly cosmetics! Bloggers who attended the event were given the opportunity to get a free makeover. I opted not to get one (even though I wanted to) because I arrived reeeally late for the event, and because I already had my makeup and everything on, but you can read about Meoki's experience here!

BB creams! Before this event I personally haven't tried any of TM's BB creams, but a friend of mine highly recommended them way back when I was looking for a replacement for Etude House's Precious Mineral BB (which I was using at the time). They're a bit more expensive but for the quality, it's well worth it.

Cat's Chu Wink Tonytints are finally here! Cute right? I bought just one, the one on the right, even though I really wanted to take the whole row with me, haha!

More more more cosmetics and things! Why is everything so pretty, wtf.

Skin care products! More than anything, Tony Moly is known for their skincare products which have been tailor-fit to meet varying skin issues and needs.

Tiny Jaejoong standee!

Hello Bunny Perfume Bar. Again, why is everything so pretty! ;____;

Cats Wink Line!! This is pretty much my favorite line out of all the TM products. Mostly because.. well, cats. I was so tempted to steal this whole set from the counter, haha! Planning on buying the super cute powder pact and another two lippies and the other lip tint soon. Must have everything ;__________;

Aaand, that's it for my mini-tour! Not much really, because I didn't want to look around too much and end up buying every pretty thing I got my hands on ;; If you're a fan of Korean cosmetics, be sure to check the place out. Tony Moly Alabang Town Center is located at the Ground Floor, right beside Etude House. It's one of the first shops you'll see upon entering ATC, so you can't miss it.

My haphazardly put-together outfit for that day. The truth is, I'd planned on not attending at all and just staying at home the whole day to sleep (because, well, lady problems), but Angel insisted that I come so I just threw on whatever outfit that I could come up with and wear in less than 10 minutes then rushed to ATC.

As I mentioned before, I'll be doing a post about the Aqua Aura line soon, as well as a review of one of the products from the line: their Aqua Aura BB Cream. I'll try to include a tutorial on how I do my everyday base face makeup as well. Please watch out for it

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