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December 31, 2012 No comments

The year's almost at its end, and I can't tell you how many 2012-in-retrospect posts I've seen recently.. Not gonna lie, I'm actually a bit envious of bloggers who can do year-end review posts. I just don't have the time (or the strength or will-power, for that matter) to go through a year's worth of backlog photos! I would if I could, but that would take me forever. So instead, I thought I'd share with you one of the highlights of my 2012 - walking down the runway last November 29th for The New Glorietta Vibe

I was in Glorietta as early as 9:00AM for the briefing and rehearsals. When I arrived, it was obvious that everyone's stress levels were off the charts. Truth is, it kind of got to me as well. I mean, really. It was hot, we had rehearsals under the blazing morning sun, and a couple of people I was supposed to be with that day backed out the last minute, but that didn't bother me. What irked me more were some of the volunteer models who didn't seem to get the meaning of the term 'volunteer' (and that we had to put up our hair up in a ponytail, wtf).. but I won't go into that. At least I got to see a familiar face, and a friendly one at that! She and her friends were super enthusiastic about the whole thing, too. So glad I wasn't the only one excited about the whole thing!

Fast forward to much later in the evening.. we'd all done our own hair and makeup and went to our respective brands for our pre-assigned outfits (I was walking for Petit Monde that day, by the way!), had a bit of last-minute briefing.. all that was left was the actual walk down the runway. Here are some photos from the event by Aian! (Thank you for always being so supportive!)

By 6:00PM, this was what the crowd looked like.

You will not believe the number of people who came. Just think, more than 2,000 models + all the people who came to support them. Craaazy.

Kyle Patrick of The Click Five was there, he sang a couple of songs from his album. He sang Jenny too, ehe.

Again, look at that crowd! This was just minutes before my turn. (Meaning, by this time my heart was beating madly like whoa!)

My walk (and my extremely awkward stop at the end of the runway). Aian took a looot of photos, haha! During rehearsals all I could think about was to walk without tripping, because I had 4-inch boots on and I didn't want a sprained ankle to be the thing that I took home from this entire thing. Strangely enough, when I walked, I was pretty calm. I was shocked by the number of people watching at first, but after that nothing. It was only less than a minute but it felt much longer!

Me, super tired but still all smiles after the show, showing my super cute ensemble from Petit Monde. I love that the outfit that I got suited me so well. The cropped jacket is my favorite part. It was almost like I chose the outfit off the racks myself, haha! Except for the bandage skirt, I know, but it's always fun to try new things!

Aaand, say hi to Blards! Her surname is Blardony, so everyone calls her Blard/s/z or some variation of that, haha. I know her from the cosplay comm, and was quite surprised to see her there. She does a lot of mech/armor cosplay, and is super cute. Special mention because she kept me sane company the entire 8-9 hours.

Final count: 2,255! (Photo courtesy of AVA.)

The Philippines broke the Guiness World Record with 2,255 people walking that night, beating Turkey's 1,967. There weren't as many models as Ayala hoped there would be (target was 2,500) but thankfully we were still able to beat the previous record. Really glad I was, even in a tiny way, able to take part in something that would go down in Philippine fashion history. Also, my very first time walking in front of so many people. I've modeled before, yes, but nothing of this level. It was crazy.. and epic all at the same time. More than 9 hours of prep (and stress), just less than a minute down the runway.. but it was all super worth it. Will I be able to do something like this again? Who knows. One thing's for sure, this is one memory I'll remember for the rest of my life

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