BU4 acquisitions + NYLON Japan 100th issue

December 20, 2012 No comments

Another acquisitions post, this time of the stuff I got from Bloggers United. Not really much, but I'm quite happy with my purchases!

As I mentioned in my BU4 post, I always make it a point to visit Val's booth. I bought another Blush Hagaki postcard set.. which I'll be giving away soon ;)

Val gave me this as well. She asked me which postcard I wanted, and I chose this one because it's my a personal favorite of mine from her old works.

Mike is awesome at finding pieces that suit you. He saw this Zucca dress and told me to buy it, and I did. Or maybe it's all salestalk? It worked on Aian, too!! He ended up buying two pieces from Mike's booth, haha! Kidding aside, the dress is actually much prettier in person. These photos don't give it justice.

Maybelline Powder Foundation I got from Marj Sia's booth. I was looking for a powder of some sort that I could use to set my makeup with, and I got this. I wanted to buy a lot more from her, but I tried my best to restrain myself. Which was really hard for me, considering she was selling MajoMajo stuff for just P200!

Super cute stuff I bought from Ashley! I would've gotten more, but I really didn't want to spend too much on any more clothes. Tops, especially, because I already have too much of them! Skirts and belts though, I don't really have much of so it was okay. (This is me justifying my spending, wtf.)

Pretty pink dot-pattern skirt I found after a few minutes of digging through Ashley's items. I was actually eyeing a tutu skirt that she posted on her blog a couple of days before the event, but because I arrived really late in the afternoon, it was nowhere to be found by the time I got there. So maybe it just wasn't meant to be?

I did manage to get these though, so it's alright. It fell in front of me when Ashley pulled out one of her skirts form the pile of clothes, haha. Lucky!

Cute belts!! There was one more but I didn't get to buy it, for some reason.

And, bonus! NYLON Japan 100th issue that Ashley got me from Japan, ehe ♥ ♥

I've bought a lot of NYLON issues before but the quality of Japan's version is so much nicer! More pages, too.

I spot AMO-chan on the cover, hee * u *

This issue is all about "Girls Culture" or different kinds of personal styles / fashions of Japanese girls.

Kiko Mizuhara is in a looot of the pages, heh. Which is another reason why I love this so much. SO PRETTY.

For a while, I actually thought that this was Ashley, haha!

In Japan, there's this trend called キモかわいい (kimokawaii or creepy but in a cute way) that's becoming quite popular again. It's been around for quite some time, around 2010 I think, but it's become even more popular now because of idols such as Kyary who are known for being creepy-cute. I personally like it as well!

KikoMiz in Givenchy. I love her.

More more more KikoMiz! Always so pretty!! ;________;

There's also a section with small features of the different Japan Nylonistas. Kozue Akimoto!! So gorgeous.

My pretty AMO-chan ♥

Lots of nice coords from brands like MERCURYDUO, moussy, MURUA, and OLIVE des OLIVE.

Twinkerbell twins, AMIAYA!

And lastly, some more Kozue, because I love her so much.

Okay, so I didn't get this at BU4, but I decided to include it anyway. Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus in Black. Would you believe I got one for free?

Proof that I got the other one for free, haha. MajoMajo had a Buy 1, Take 1 promo for this particular mascara, so I thought it'd be the best time to get it.

And of course, Aian got to take home some stuff as well -- artbooks from Val's booth. These were actually Irene's sister's, I think. Now they've been added to our ever-growing joint artbook collection. There were a couple more artbooks by Shel Yang that I wanted, but I'll save those for next time ;___;

This will probably one of my last few purchases for the year. I say "one of" because I'm not entirely sure if this is the very last. I just recently placed an order for two more issues of Zipper Magazine and f(x)'s Victoria's HongMa photobook, so needless to say, I'm going to be super broke for the holidays. Aian is too, I think, because we recently bought a ton of artbooks and manga from Japan, haha. At this point I really think I should make 2013's New Year's Resolution to be to try and save more or to spend less on pretty but unnecessary things, but I'm not so sure if that's possible, heh. Oh well. Thank you so much for reading

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