December 26, 2012

Cat sweater* and pocket watch* c/o SheInside, Romwe shorts, platform sneakers* c/o Rainbowholic Shop, kitty headband from a bazaar.
Don't you just love my new sweater? I most certainly do. (I mean, is it a cat sweater or rabbit sweater or a fox sweater..? Haha!) It was sent to me (along with a cute pocket watch and the coat I wore in this post) as an early Christmas gift by the amazing people over at SheInside. I wore it the moment I got it! So megadorable! Cat prints and anything with cats are very popular in Japan right now. I don't think Japan's obsession with cats is going away anytime soon.. or if it's ever going away at all! I'm actually quite cat-obsessed myself, so even if this cat trend decides to stick around for a bit longer, I'll embrace it with open arms! ♥

last artbook and photobook haul for December

December 24, 2012

Has anybody been keeping track of these acquisitions entries? Is it just me, or am I on my fourth acquisitions post about Japanese artbook/magazine/photobook-related stuff? I don't know anymore! I love these things so much I can probably spend more money inside Kinokuniya than in any other place in the world, haha. This time though, Aian bought all of them, including the ones that are mine. They're joint property, anyway, since we're growing an artbook library of sorts. You can check out his post about all 12 of them + a couple more on his blog here. Enjoy!

First one, Kyary Bon Photobook 『きゃりーぼーん』 !! So happy that we got this! Kyary is one of my many obsessions, so this was a definite must-have. I actually had to choose between this and her Oh! My God! Harajuku Girl one, which is also nice!! In the end though, I chose this one because it gives you a bit of a sneak-peek into Kyary's life, eheh. So yeah, lots of typical Kyary craziness!

review : Majolica Majorca Blood On Lip and Cheek Tint

December 23, 2012

While browsing Cosme a couple of weeks ago though, I saw that they'd already released their Best Cosmetics Award List for 2012. To my surprise, one of the products that was on the list was something I already had in my kit: the Majolica Majorca Blood On Lip and Cheek Tint. It was then that I remembered that I've been meaning to review it for the longest time but never got around to taking photos, so it's been sleeping in my drafts for quite some time now. Here it is, finally!

oh, please don't go—I'll eat you up—I love you so!

December 17, 2012

'I'll Fight You For It Tee' c/o Dizzy Little Dotty, tutu c/o SammyDress, Romwe tights, Double Decker shoes, Baby Project lace scarf.
Surprise surprise! This is a little different from what I usually look like, I know, but it's all because I wanted to make these photos extra special! These photos are a collaboration between me and Dizzy Little Dotty, an Australian-based label where you can find t-shirts that are a little different from your usual mainstream tees. The lady behind the label, Lauren Carney, designs the shirts herself and has made Dizzy Little Dotty known around the globe for their cute and quirky designs which are straight from a whole nother whimsical and enchanted world! She also has a shop where she sells her artwork—do check it out! Supporting independent artists and labels is very important to me, so I was super ecstatic when Lauren asked me to collaborate with her! So for her and her wonderful label, I transformed into a sly little fox to match the two adorable wild things on my T-shirt. Thank you again, Lauren! I do love foxes very much, so I have you to thank for letting me become one for you, even for just a day! ♥
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