heaven is a place on earth with you

November 28, 2012

MsDressy formal mini-dress*, Romwe tights*, SammyDress booties*, pearl kitty headband from a bazaar.
Though this gorgeous tulle and lace number from MsDressy isn't exactly my dream wedding dress, it's quite close! The champagne color, the lovely lace neckline, the meticulous embroidery, the tulle skirt.. If only it had a lace train and a longer skirt, this would've been my perfect dream dress. But at least I can consider this as a test-run of sorts? Haha!

room girl

November 24, 2012

Rivet & Surge top, Coco Fashion skirt*, Accessorize tights, yeswalker brogues*, Morning Mori hairclip*.
Simple yet sweet mori gyaru look! Despite my affinity to dressing like a cupcake on most occasions, in reality I am the total opposite of how I dress. Truth is, I'm not really the girly-girl that my personal style or blog makes me appear to be. Don't get me wrong, I do love girly things—frilly dresses, bubblegum pink, the like—but my personality and my preference for such things are light-years apart. I'm actually kind of rough and not feminine at all. Up until highschool I was a total tomboy and only had interest in anime. I swear a lot, laugh loudly like an auntie, and am a total slob at home. The only reason why I'm not at all like that in public is because I've trained myself to be "proper" when with people I'm not particularly close with. It's kind of like the protagonist in Switch Girl!!, haha! But I digress. What I'm getting at is, I am really thankful that even with this roughness of mine, I can still project a bit of my cuteness and femininity through fashion and personal style. I mean, who would ever think that this girl with flowers on her skirt, heart tights, and cupcake hair actually spends more time reading One Piece than worrying about what to wear? Not a lot of people.

artbooks and magazines from Japan

November 22, 2012

So today we finally received a long-overdue parcel from Japan (after almost a year, I think!), yay! Long overdue, because I kept failing to pay for the remaining fees on time ;; But thankfully the lovely people over at Eiwa Manga Store were quite understanding and gave me more than enough time to pay, ehe. Thank you so much, as always for the service! * u *

Aian's artbooks: m3wver.9+CE + Blade of the Immortal

Zipper Magazine 03/12 + KERA Magazine 02/12

Mori Girls Interior Magazine (for Allie) + Zipper 10/12

Ayano Go x NinaMika photobook + HARAJUKU KAWAii!!!! Girls

Mori Girl Lesson 4 + a cute cuccia tote bag freebie!

That's all. Thanks for dropping by! :)

ah, it's a wonderful cat life

November 20, 2012

I realize I haven't been able to come up with personal work for the past two months.. which I think is because all I keep taking photos of now are cats, haha. None of these cats are mine, by the way. (Though I wish they were!)
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