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October 14, 2012 No comments

Just a bit of what's been happening lately, through pictures. (Hi Chopper! ♥)

Sometimes I spend my weekends over at Aian's. It's much quieter there compared to home, and I get to see how the GunRev boys work. We sleep when the sun is up, and wake up really late in the afternoon. Sometimes I get to read a bit, or take photos for reviews or outfit posts on my blog.

These two are my grandmother's. Borgy, the schweenie with an afro, and Kate, the siamese you always see in my photodiaries.

For some reason I get really hungry during certain periods of the day, mostly at night, and end up munching whatever I can get my hands on.

A few days ago I had to wake up really early (this almost never happens) so I could accompany my brother to the hospital. Turns out he has pneumonia. We had to wait an hour or so after he had his blood test done (for the results and for the doctor to arrive), so we went to MoA for a bit.

I became really curious about the pesto and shiitake mushroom sandwich from Starbucks after seeing photos of it on a blog, so I tried ordering it for breakfast along with an iced green tea latte. It's really good! I didn't finish it though; I shared it with my brother.

My new baby, an early birthday gift from Aian. I don't have a name for him yet, though. This photo is the last photo I took with Reimei, my 400D, which I've had for almost 5 years now. I gave him to Aian to take care of, since he's the only one I know I can entrust Reimei to.

What a random post. That's pretty much it. I still have a lot of backlog (photodiaries and product reviews), which I'll get to working on soon.

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