the 31st of August, in photos

September 5, 2012 No comments

A few days ago, I accompanied Aian to a salon to finally have his hair colored red again. He's been dyeing his hair red for years now, and because he's been busy with a lot of things he didn't have the time to go to a salon. We've been thinking of just DIY-ing it, but we weren't sure how much dye we would need since Aian's hair is really long. So when we finally had a bit of free time, we decided to check out this *secret* salon in Makati where a lot of our friends had their hair colored. The place was really small, and it was really hard to find, but we got there eventually! I took some photos while Aian was having his hair dyed.

Aian's hair before coloring. A lot of the red's already faded to a rusty brown color.

Dye swatches! We chose the color that was above Burgundy Red.

The whole thing, dyeing + treatment + trimming a bit off the ends, took about an hour or so.

And yay, Aian's hair is now back to a nice, rich red color~! * u *

Afterwards Aian and I decided to check out the Korean restaurants near the area, mainly because we were really hungry and there were a lot of them around. We decided on this little place which had a sign outside saying "Korean Ice Cream".

We ordered dol bibimbap. (Truthfully, I only know three Korean dishes: bibimbap, japchae, and samgyeopsal.) We didn't like it much, which I think is because for the dish to have flavor you had to mix in all of the sauce that came with it..? Which was really spicy for me. It was okay, but we still prefer Chinese and Japanese food. I really like the soup that came with it though!

I really like this though. Samanco fish ice cream waffle! No, it doesn't have fish inside. It has vanilla ice cream and red beans inside, kind of like taiyaki! It also comes in chocolate and strawberry, but the original one is my favorite. What I love about it is that it's yummy and costs just around P40-P45 in most Korean convenience stores. Plus it's really cute too, haha!

And here's a photo of Aian's from yesterday. It's been five days since he had his hair colored, and the color is still a pretty bright red! Needless to say I think Aian's found his new go-to salon for his hair. o u o )/

Also, shameless plug: I made a Facebook Page for Aian early this August.
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