Book Fair mini-haul

September 15, 2012 No comments

Moyoco Anno's Sakuran, Murakami's 1Q84 (John Gall cover, 3-volume set), The Vertigo Tarot
Photos from Instagram: _chainyan and wickedalucard

Last Thursday, Aian and I dropped by SMX at Mall of Asia for the 33rd Manila International Book Fair. It's become a yearly thing for me, attending the Book Fair every September to look for rare books and such. This year Fully Booked was one of the exhibitors, so I was even more excited. I made sure we went on a weekday so I wouldn't miss out on all the good stuff. I was able to score two lovely titles: Sakuran and 1Q84. I promised myself that I'd only get two books at the fair, as I'd already spent a huge amount ordering Japanese magazines and artbooks just recently. I initially wanted to get Battle Royale and The Elephant Vanishes, but Fully Booked didn't have them at that time. Also, when I saw that they had 1Q84 in John Gall's 3-volume set I knew I just had to take it home with me. There were a lot of other titles that I wanted, including a collection of Edgar Allan Poe's poems and short stories with a gorgeous black and red hardbound cover, but that will have to wait. Aian also got himself The Vertigo Tarot. The deck, with illustrations by Dave McKean, is gorgeous. I'm happy that he finally got himself a new deck after so long. Even happier that we both found something nice for ourselves at this year's MIBF since it ends tomorrow, September 16th. Make sure you drop by before then! ♥

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