August 2012

September 8, 2012 No comments

Last August:

  • My new wig from KrisAlice Cosplay Shop finally arrived, so I did a cosplay trial of sorts.
  • Luisa and I shared a booth at the first Tumblr Fair.
  • I was invited to join a campaign for Nestle Ice Cream!
  • I got to watch someone get tattooed, up close.
  • It rained non-stop for two weeks, and I got stranded in someone else's home for a while.
  • I received lots of lovely mail, including super cute accessories from The Phrenzy. (Worn here!)
  • I became a bit ill, so I didn't get any time to shoot at all, so most of my subjects were cute fluffy animals.
  • The Romulans adopted a cute little stray kitty!
  • I attended Ayala Museum's Design Talks, featuring MangoRed.
  • I went bowling with Aian!
  • I ate salads in all forms.. including the kind from fast-food joints. (Bleh.)
  • Aian and I spent our 29th month in Little Tokyo.
  • I dyed my hair a milk tea color.. which turned out to be actually ash blonde.
  • Little Forest Girl received more wonderful blessings and opportunities. Also, pageviews went up by 2,000!
August was amazing. Thank you all so much! Really hoping September will be the same.. if not much better! ♥

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