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August 15, 2012 No comments

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last reviewed lenses. Today I will be reviewing the Princess Mimi Apple Green, my third lens from this particular line. This review is sponsored by one of my favorite local shops, Dull to Doll. 。◕‿‿◕。

The lenses in the lens case, up close. The outer ring is the trademark of Princess Mimi lenses.

Indoors + natural light through the window.

Up close. The colors is a very vivid green. Really pretty!

When worn, with flash. (And falsies, again!)

Color & Design: ★★★★★
I love the color and design on these! I like how the green color is very vivid, so it's visible even indoors. I also like the way the inner yellow ring blends with the green. Honestly, the color on these reminds me of snakes. I like snakes. Heh, heh.

Enlargement: ★★★★★
Very enlarging at 15mm! I can pull these off since I still have a lot of white space in my eye when I wear them, but if you have smaller eyes, these might not be for you. It may appear a bit alien-ish on people with small eyes. They also look quite weird on me without any eye makeup on, I noticed. But that isn't a problem since I only wear these when I go out.

Comfort: ★★★★☆
Super comfortable! In my opinion, GEO Medical makes the most comfortable lenses around. I can wear these and forget I'm wearing them for the rest of the day. I can wear these up to 12+ hours with no problems at all. Only thing is, I've noticed that Princess Mimi lenses have a tendency to start hurting the eyes after a certain period of time. Not sure if it's the same for everyone else. For my Chocolate lenses, it was about five months or so. For the Sesame Greys, it was three or four months. For these, I'm not quite sure but I've only been wearing these for a couple of months now and it hurt the last time I wore them. It goes away after a while, but it really is painful so I don't recommend wearing them for longer. Which is too bad because these lenses are so pretty!

Overall: ★★★★★
Giving it a 5/5. I have been converted; the Apple Greens are now my favorite Princess Mimi lenses! I really like this color best. I wish these didn't hurt after a few months though. It's really a shame because they're really nice lenses. But putting that aside, these lenses are perfect for any kind of makeup look. These are mostly used by gyaru, as they were designed by Tsu-chan, but they work with more natural looks as well. They also work nicely for cosplay! I used these for my Gumi trial a while back, and I really like how they looked! I recommend giving these lenses a try. That is, if you haven't tried them already ;)

A few reminders:
☆ You are best advised to consult your eye doctor before wearing any lenses. It is your responsibility to minimize the risk of wearing lenses. Kindly please read the wear & care guide carefully to ensure proper handling of lenses. If you experience any discomfort, remove the lens immediately.
☆ Though the lenses in this review were sponsored by Dull to Doll, everything written here is 100% my honest opinion.
☆ All photos used in this review belong to me. Please do not take them without my permission!!

I'm not sure if I'll still be reviewing the Almond lenses from the Princess Mimi line, as I'm not as excited by it as other lenses, but we'll see! Also, I'll be putting up a mini-giveaway really soon, sponsored by Dull to Doll~! Please stay tuned ♡

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