style inspo : 森ガール Papier vol. 10

July 11, 2012 No comments

Hello, how has everyone been? :) The weather over in this part of the hemisphere has been very.. unpredictable, to say the least. Raining non-stop one day and hot and humid the next. Crazy! This pretty much explains why I haven't been able to post any outfit entries or product reviews. I can't really do much without the help of Mr. Sun.. so I thought I'd catch up on all of my favorite Japanese magazines instead.

I also realized I haven't posted an inspiration post for the longest time. Which is quite sad, considering I used to really look forward to posting these! So here I am, finally, with another inspi post. Here are some outfits from my favorite mori girl magazine, 森ガール Papier, vol. 10.

The first two parts feature kanoko and Chelsea Maika, who I think make such lovely mori girls. I particularly loved the set-up of the first one. So cute and reminds me so much of a doll's bedroom! Chelsea Maika is one of my favorite Japanese models, and I just love seeing her in the pages of Papier. She has this air about her that I like, and she manages to pull off even the most eccentric of layering so effortlessly.

The last part is a compilation of my favorite outfits which feature neutrals + outfits which make subtle use of blue. I don't think I will ever tire of neutrals and pastels. The whole neutral and pastel trend is dying down, I think, as I've been seeing bloggers trading in their pastels for something more neon and brightly colored. I, on the other hand, don't see myself letting go of my muted pinks and baby blues anytime soon. :)

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