A Day of Indulgence: Tous les Jours ATC Grand Opening

June 24, 2012 No comments

Tous les Jours is a South Korean bakery franchise owned by CJ Foodville, a business group under the CJ Group. It first arrived on Philippine shores in 2011, with the first TLJ being the SM North Edsa branch. I've often complained that all the good things are always up north, so I'm so glad they decided to open a branch in Alabang Town Center! My friend Angel was kind enough to get me an invite to the grand opening of the ATC branch, and I got to take two friends with me: Tin and Borgy. We spent the afternoon with Marketing Director Andrea Amado (who is also, to my surprise, actually the president of Etude House Philippines * A *), tasting and learning about all the delicious breads and cakes. Happy afternoon! * u *

The first of the breads that we tasted was the Sweet Black Rice Bread with Cream Cheese. We were told that even though this product wasn't exactly the prettiest bread around, it was one of the yummiest ones. I liked this one a lot, even though I wasn't much of a cream cheese fan. The cream cheese taste was actually very subtle, and the bread was so soft! It's because Tous les Jours bakes fresh batches of their breads every day. Tous les Jours, in French, means "everyday," after all. They pride themselves in using only the freshest ingredients, without any artificial flavoring or coloring.

Next was their version of the Almond Croissant. What I like about their croissant was the outside of it. The outside has pancake batter (if I remember correctly) and almonds, which gives it a nice crunchy texture.

My favorite out of all the breads that we tasted was the Milk Bun, hands down! Soft bread with delicious, creamy custard in the center! Though it was very creamy, it wasn't at all heavy. I could eat this stuff all day! The tiny things on the outside seem to be chocolate, which I didn't notice because I was so in love with the custard filling. Definitely a must-try!

Soft and moist Pumpkin Muffin. Not a big fan of pumpkin, but I feel like my brother would like this a lot. I did try a little piece, and it really was soft and moist. The little chunks on the outside seem to be pumpkin as well.

Their version of Japanese sponge cake, the Chocolate Castella. When this was brought out I was a bit scared, because it was a huge block of chocolate cake. Chocolate cake + humid weather, not a good mix. But when I tasted it, it was actually quite light! What surprised me more was that it was a dark chocolate cake, which usually tends to be really heavy.

This (not-so-)little beauty is their Strawberry Inspiration Cake. I was amazed when this was brought out. The red and green parts are strawberry and green tea, respectively. It was pretty much the same size as my face. Not to mention that it was sooo cute! In fact, it was too cute that I didn't want it to be sliced! (I had to look away when they did, haha!)

The first slice I got was from the pointed end of the cake, so it was mostly icing. When I hear the word yogurt, I usually stay away, because I've been fooled by yogurt so many times. Something-flavored yogurt would always taste like.. yogurt. But surprisingly, the yogurt icing was really nice! I actually ate it all up, and then I was given another slice because Ms. Andrea thought it was unfair that I was only able to eat a tiny portion of the actual cake, haha! Which was great because I got to taste the parts with actual strawberries. Nommm. Definitely getting this cake for my birthday!

The last item in our to-taste list was TLJ's version of the New York Cheesecake. Again, as with most cakes, cheesecake tends to be a bit too heavy for me, and for humid weather. This one, was not. It was so nice and fluffy. I also really liked the cute little box that comes with it. It has that really nice, rustic charm that Tous les Jours is all about.

After the tasting, we got to take a little look inside. Though this branch seemed to be smaller than other branches (I've seen photos of the SM North and Southmall branches), I really liked it because it gave the place a more home-y vibe.

Friendly and hard-working staff! Thank you for being so game and posing for us!~

I was tempted to taste this, but I already had a goodie bag full of yummy bread waiting for me.

Rows and rows of delicious, delicious cake on display. I was standing in front of these for more than five minutes before I realized I've taken too many photos of the cakes, haha! Everything was just so pretty! Too pretty for words!

Of course, I needed a photo of the cute little mint-and-brown bike outside. Ms. Andrea was also very game to pose for us!

Thrifted lace top, from BF Ruins cropped top, high-waisted shorts, AsianVogue creepers, Liz Lisa shoulder bag, Bodyline hat.

Lastly, quick snaps of what I was wearing that day~ Nothing special, really. It was another one of those extremely humid days (I swear, it seems like the South is 10x hotter than Makati or anywhere else) that called for a simple outfit. But of course, with it being a Tours les Jours event, I wanted to look as cute as the cakes, haha! Not sure if I managed to pull that off, though. Philippine weather - 1, me - 0. Oh well. At least my hair looked noms that day 。◕‿‿◕。

Visit the Tous les Jours ATC Branch at the Ground Floor, Corte de las Palmas.
Also, like the TLJ Facebook Page for more promos and other information.

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