Bloggers United 3, my new baby, random happy things

June 9, 2012 No comments

Last Saturday, June 2, was the third installment of Bloggers United. I initially had second thoughts about going, mostly because 1) it was raining that day and 2) I didn't have Aian to accompany me (foreveralone.jpg). But I eventually caved in and went to the event, because I realized I'd be seeing friends I haven't seen in a long time.. even though it was already 5PM when I arrived at the event. Talk about being fashionably late, haha!

First people I saw when I went inside was this super cute trio in front of Val's booth! (Second photo c/o Shai of LoveChic!)

Val was selling a lot of pretty things that day. I wanted to buy them all!

While walking around the area, I saw these two lovely ladies! Anastasia Siantar and Aleyn!
I was so surprised to find out that they knew each other. Thank you again Aleyn for introducing me! Happy fangirl ♡

The Fabgelous side of the FFT booth. I wanted to take home those hats!

Unisex and Miadore accessories.

Some OS Accessories + Salad Day shirts!

I'm pretty sure that it's obvious from the photos, but I mostly stayed in one part of the venue the whole time I was there. I stayed in the FFT booth until the end of the event, haha! Even though I did nothing but talk with Karl and Mike that whole time, I still had fun. The best part about going to events like this is seeing your friends, after all. (My only regret is not being able to take photos of the people I was with at the time, since I was talking so much! I need to write that on my forehead or something next time ;;)

- - -

Money has become a bit of a problem for me, mostly because I've realized that I've had Reimei (my camera) for more than four years now and he can die on me at any given time. And with that said, I've long thought about getting a replacement soon. I do need an upgrade, I've been telling myself that for a while now, but it's not that easy for me. The best (and cheapest) upgrade I could possibly get is a 5D Mark I, and that's still around P40,000-- secondhand. Which isn't much of an issue, really. I just really need to go full-frame. But that kind of money isn't all that easy to come by.. so I've settled for something else at the moment. I'll tell you about that later.

For now, here are a few simple things that I've purchased and received over the past few weeks.

One of two purchases during BU3. I only bought two things-- a lacy white dress and Val's Blush Hagaki postcard set.

Rilakkuma notebooks! One was from Styril from a while back, and the other was from my brother. I found it amusing that he bought me the exact same one without knowing I already had one. (He was pretty pissed though, and regretted not buying another design instead.)

Dainty hair ornament from Midori of Momori. She also sent me a lovely mori girl style OP, which I'll be posting about soon.

Cute woven cap I got for myself during the Ever New Opening last month.

And last but not least, I'd like to introduce you all to my new baby. He's a Canon EOS 66, a film SLR. This is actually a friend's, which I borrowed a couple of months back, but he doesn't use it as much anymore. I asked him if he'd agree to sell it to me, and he did, so I'll be formally adopting this little baby soon, in a couple of months.
Hopefully I'll be able to think of a name for him before then. :)
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