Ever New opens in Bonifacio High Street

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Last Saturday, May 12 2012, Ever New Melbourne (also known as Forever New), Australia's top fashion brand opened its first store in the Philippines at the Bonifacio High Street Central. It was an honor to have been invited to their grand store opening! Thank you so much to Luie for inviting me ♡

These pieces greeted me as I entered the store. So pretty!

Ever New is a fashion clothing and accessories brand founded in Melbourne, Australia. It emerged in late 2006 as a start up retailer which opened 6 stores. Today, the brand has over 160 stores in 7 markets operating in China, Turkey, India, South Africa, New Zealand, and Singapore. As part of their international expansion and vision to pursue other opportunities in the US, Canada, and South East Asia, they opened their first stores in California and the Philippines this Summer 2012.

Such dainty little dresses. I wanted the one in the middle!

The brand celebrates the feminine beauty of women, a signature style flowing through every creative element. Collections are inspired by global trends in art, film, music, and theatre haute couture runway shows in Paris, London, Milan and New York. Ever New's creative teams work collaboratively to create unique harmonious collections, with new styles coming in every month, which are presented beautifully in their elegant store environments.

I really liked the overall feel of the place. Kind of girly and princess-y, in a way.

They have a wide array of accessories, including hats and headbands. I wanted to buy them all. Buy ALL the headbands!!

As I was leaving, I saw this. Peach-colored kimono jacket.. thing. I wanted it so badly, but I've spent way too much this month already ;___;

The store actually carried lots of other items (in a lot of other colors other than cream and pink), but I noticed as I was editing the photos that all of the things I took photos of had a similar color palette, haha! I seemed to have gravitated towards all the things I liked so I only managed to take photos of those. But they do have a lot of pretty things in the store, with most of the clothes priced at P1880 and above. All of their pieces are of really good quality, and even their plainer stuff were actually really nice. I had fun just looking around! I also got to take home a cute little hat (which I will show you all soon) and a goodie bag before leaving.

If ever you're around the area, I suggest giving the new store a little look! If you're like me who's into sweet and girly clothes, you'll love it I'm sure. Ever New is located at the Bonifacio High Street Central (the little park with the fountains), 7th corner 29th street, on the side just opposite of Jamba Juice. :)

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