just a little bit of sugar

May 22, 2012

just a little bit of sugar | chainyan.co
just a little bit of sugar | chainyan.co
just a little bit of sugar | chainyan.co
just a little bit of sugar | chainyan.co
just a little bit of sugar | chainyan.co
Sugarlips dress *, Guess? Girls vest, thrifted sandals, Liz Claiborne bag, Bodyline hat, gifted orb watch.
Something different from my usual outfits. I wanted to try what most Japanese magazines call a 'bittersweet look'. I see it a lot in Popteen and Vivi, where they show you how to balance the cute and cool side of the look. I tried my best to balance the cute and the cool elements in this outfit. And oh, do you like my dress? The kind people over at Sugarlips were nice enough to send me this lovely piece for me to wear, and I love it so much! I've been looking all over for a perfect A-line maxi dress, one that isn't too long and falls just a little bit above my ankles, and I'm so happy that I finally have it ♡ I also love the lace detailing in the front. I wore it with a denim vest (which is, by the way, from my elementary school days! I'm quite surprised that it still fits me) and platform sandals. The overall look feels very 'summer vacation' to me, so let me pretend that I was off on a trip to some faraway island here, haha!

DISCLAIMER: Product with an asterisk (*) was received as a gift from Sugarlips, but the opinions expressed here are 100% my own. Financial compensation was not received for this post. Please see my full disclaimer for more information.

some years ago, on film

May 14, 2012

Was looking through my old things when I saw a CD filled with old film photos. These were from the first couple rolls of film I used with my Vivitar IC100. Most of the photos were of memories that, in my opinion, are best buried within the waves of the past, so I disposed of the CD after looking. It now lies in the bottom of my trash bin, cleanly broken in half. What I did save were memories that I cherish still—fragments of my life from 2008, familiar places, friends, and cats.

review : EOS Candy Gray Lens (Jewel Gray)

May 9, 2012

Hello everyone! Today's circle lens review is sponsored by international circle lens and cosmetics store, LoveShoppingholics. These lenses, the EOS Candy Gray / Jewel Gray *, were sent to me a few months ago. I chose this design because the pink version of these lenses used to be my favorite :)

late anniversary dinner + crossing two years

May 7, 2012

Last week, Aian and I had dinner at Little Tokyo for our much-delayed anniversary celebration. Our second anniversary was actually a couple of months ago, the 29th of March, but because of our schedules we weren't able to celebrate on the day itself.. or the weeks after that. We initially planned on doing something different to celebrate the event-- go to Manila Ocean Park, or maybe Enchanted Kingdom, or something. Something we both don't usually get to do. But because of both time and money constraints, we ended up having a quiet little dinner at our usual place at Hana, Little Tokyo instead.
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