style inspo : E hyphen world gallery Summer 2012

April 21, 2012 No comments

E hyphen world gallery is another Japanese clothing brand that I've had my eyes on recently. I first found out about E hyphen a few months ago, after seeing the brand featured in the Harajuku KAWAii!! Winter 2011 show along with many other brands such as Ciaopanic, earth music & ecology, etc. What caught my attention then were their cute polka-dotted pieces, and I'm happy to see that they brought them over to their Summer 2012 collection.

This collection, called Journey, is very comfortable and laid back. I like how these aren't overly layered, and can be worn even with our weather. I also very much like the whole feel of the photos. It's very fitting for the whole concept of going on a "journey" to many magical places in the summer.

Instagram: @_chainyan

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