CARA Adopt-a-Cat Event

March 7, 2012 No comments

A couple of Saturdays ago, Aian and I went to Greenbelt for the Adopt-A-Cat Event, presented by CARA Welfare Philippines. This is an event held regularly to be able to find homes for all the precious little angels (rescued cats and dogs) at the CARA Clinic. Aian and I went the last time they held this event at Greenbelt, so we just had to go to this one. Also, because seeing all the cute little kitties was part of Aian's pre-birthday celebration, haha!

There were four lovely dogs up for adoption as well, but I think it's much harder to find new homes for dogs because most people prefer to have puppies. I felt really bad for them, especially because all of them were so adorable and just the sweetest little things. If only I had the money (and if only we had more room for them at home; we already have four dogs and one cat), I would've taken them all home with me. Adopt ALL the cats and dogs!!

To know more about CARA, visit :)

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