some recent and not-so-recent acquisitions

March 21, 2012 No comments

A tulle skirt, a chiffon dress, and a romper from the local thrift store.

Korilakkuma headband!~ I wanted a Rilakkuma one, but they only had this one.

Etude House Corset Color Corset 05 Orange Mango Fit. My new favorite blush!

Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in Orange Flip that I got from Maku ♥

Last but not least, (sponsored) circle lenses from Dull to Doll ♥ ♥ ♥

I haven't been impulsively buying clothes or makeup as much as before.. and I'm quite relieved. Very much so. These days all I ever spend on are milk tea, coffee, Magnum ice cream, food and films for my camera. I think after a few years of buying pretty and useless things, I learned to choose which items I really need. It's the same with thrifting. Usually I find five to six pretty things every visit, but only leaving with less. Even if everything's just P200 and below, it's still a lot for me. (I'm not rich or anything.) I still do occasionally spend impulsively on things that I can't help myself from buying (like artbooks and Japanese magazines -- it's an obsession I just can't seem to get over), but I think spending a lot for myself once or twice a year at most is okay, right? :)

By the way, I'm currently hosting a giveaway on my Facebook Page. The prize is a pair of circle lenses from PinkyParadise. Do check it out!

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