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March 10, 2012 No comments

Hello everyone! Today's post features the Sigma Eyeshadow Palette in Bare, an 8-shade collection of neutral shadows paired with a dual-ended brush! This was sent to me by Sigma Beauty as part of their Affiliate Program. Thought I'd make a little review since I use it all the time anyway. :)

Still in its box, after travelling all the way from the US!

In my opinion, the packaging of this palette is very similar to the original Urban Decay Naked palette. It is a cardboard case with a magnetic closure and rectangular eyeshadows. Though I really like this kind of rectangular packaging, I do wish it was slimmer, and that they'd used a metal or plastic case instead. The black shadows at the left end of the palette are -very- pigmented, so once they get on the cardboard part, it'll become a total mess. (Pretty much what happened to mine.)

Swatched on my inner arm. You can barely see some of them (like Act and Command). I don't know if it's because of the lighting or because I'm too yellow.

Because the colors in my photos may not be as accurate as I want them to be, I'll explain each of the shadows.

  • Shine - a pigmented black with silver flecks. At first I thought they were glitters because they were so visible in the pan. When swatched, not so much.
  • Control - a matte black. Probably one of the blackest black shadows I've used. I use it on Aian sometimes for his VK looks.
  • Snoop - a matte cool grey.
  • Hitch - a matte, neutral ash-brown. Strangely, it looks like a warm brown in the pan, but turns out neutral when applied.
  • Act - a satiny, neutral taupe. As with Hitch, this shade appears warm in the pan, but is actually neutral. And goes on sheer!
  • Command - a shimmery, golden color. I actually thought this was a champagne color but it's more golden when applied.
  • Elope - a very pigmented cool beige.
  • Approach - a pigmented satiny, warm beige.

A simple, everyday look using the Bare palette.

For the look above, I used:

  1. Elope all over the eyelid as a base eyeshadow, and to accentuate the brow bone.
  2. Command all over the eyelid + Approach on the inner corner of the eyelid.
  3. A warm copper color (sadly, this palette doesn't have the warm brown shade that I want) on the outer corner.
  4. Hitch on the outer corner, lower lid. Also, to fill in eyebrows.
  5. Line eyelids with liquid liner, curl lashes, apply mascara.
  6. Finally, use Act to contour the sides of the nose, then Elope + Approach to highlight the noseline.

After that I just use whatever blush and lippie that I feel like using. This is my everyday makeup routine. Pretty easy peasy! :)

Overall, this is a really good neutral palette! Compared to Naked, this one has less shimmers and glitters so this is much more suited for everyday looks. Pigmentation isn't as good as Naked though. But really, for $35, you get a pretty good deal.. especially since it comes with a really nice brush! Sigma is, after all, best known for their brushes. (Plus if you buy it from the site, you get a free gift!) If I were to give it a rating out of 5, I'd give it a 4, because it's missing a couple of shades of brown that I look for in all neutral palettes, and because I don't like the packaging all that much. But if you're looking for a cheaper alternative for Naked, this is really good.

* * * You can purchase this palette from :)

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