January 2012

February 4, 2012 No comments

A few photos from last month. I realize this is only.. less than half of what I usually come up with each month, but I guess it was because all the other events already had their own blog entries. Ah, well. The photos above were from:
  • A few hours before New Year's Eve
  • An afternoon where Yoshi randomly decided to show up and play
  • Two nights out for dinner with Aian (Little Tokyo, World Chicken)
  • Spontaneous Little Tokyo dinner before Donna left for Bulacan
  • My younger brother's birthday dinner at the Hyatt
  • A mini-shoot with Christine, Clarisse, Allaine, and Jhe
  • Dog-watching + random meeting with Angel and Yapo!

And a few more of last month's highlights:

The only things I regret about last month, I think, were not being able to do any personal shoots and not being able to read any new books.. which are two of my unwritten resolutions for myself. (Take more pictures, read more books.) I promise to push myself even harder this month.

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