style inspo : earth music & ecology Spring 2012

February 8, 2012 No comments

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"Our Girly style collection has put emphasis on dresses and skirts made from light materials. The familiar Boyish style of Earth pants have a feminine touch. We recommend the feminine style for commuting. Includes basic knits, skirts and dresses at the heart of the collection which uses this season's latest colours. The mannish style has an added feeling of mode style. We recommend this style for commuting."

These are catalog photos of the newest Spring collection from earth music & ecology. It's undeniably my favorite of the many mori girl clothing brands. The weather here's starting to become hot again, but the nights can still be a bit chilly at times. These light, airy pieces and minimal layering are a perfect combination for the coming summer. This collection also uses a lot of the lovely muted pink color that I really, really like ♡

You can also watch a video of the making of the earth music & ecology CM featuring Aoi Miyazaki here. So cute!

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