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January 18, 2012 No comments

Suddenly, an inspiration post! This is one of those spur-of-the-moment things. Just a little while back, I was told by some Anon that I shouldn't be calling myself a mori girl because a) I don't follow the right silhouette for mori, b) I don't layer enough, and c) I wear creepers with almost all my outfits. His/her exact words:

nothing that you wear actually fits any japanese fashion trends. I don't know how you can call yourself a mori girl when you barely even layer and don't have the right silhouette at all--I've only see you wear a long skirt like once, & with a rilakkuma bag & creepers? how the heck are creepers mori at all? and you wear them in practically every single post!! Please don't try and call yourself cult party kei now--your 2 ouftits aren't cult party at all. Just a plain blouse & a skirt & a sweater.

I'm guessing this was brought about by my last outfit post, where I attempted (note, I use the word attempted because I don't know much about or claim to be) cult party. I am a mori girl at heart, and cult party is just something I've recently come to like. Because trying new things is fun, you know!

What irked me the most is that this Anon seems to think that mori girl is all about layers! Le gasp! So, here, for your viewing pleasure (I'm pretty sure Anon is reading as well), photos from my favorite mori girl shop blogs.


earth music & ecology

Crisp Ikebukuro

F.i.n.t, earth music & ecology, and Crisp are very well known as mori girl and natural kei brands in Japan, and are regularly featured in a number of magazines such as Zipper, Spoon, Mori Girl Note and Mori Girl Papier*. And as you can see, even the staff themselves don't wear overly layered coords. It's because layering isn't exactly a requirement when it comes to mori, and not all styles of mori incorporate it into their outfits. (I don't, because layers + Manila weather = ???) If we had autumn and winter, then probably. But not all the time.

As for my pink creepers.. I rather like them, thank you very much. They're comfortable and I like wearing them.

And I'd do it if I could, too. To end this post, I'll just leave you with my favorite quote:

"Mori girls are all about seeking tiny miracles and returning to a simpler, more aesthetic way of life, even if they inhabit the bustling, upward mobility of New York City. Mori girls seek to remind us to just enjoy life, which is part of why I am attracted to the idea of this being a “thing,” an intellectual and aesthetic subculture. And yes, a lot of it is about the look, as Fashion always is. But so much of it is about feeling comfortable in your own skin, and in your own garments."

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