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December 7, 2011 No comments is a US-based online store specializing in bringing you Asia's uniquely cute and colorful fashion, jewelries, and accessories. All items come from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or China and many selling products are featured in Asian-inspired fashion magazines such as Japan's hit fashion magazine, ViVi. For all Hallyu enthusiasts, they've also got a special section dedicated to K-pop and K-drama inspired accessories. Sometime last October I contacted this lovely little online shop, regarding a sponsorship for my then-ongoing giveaways. Surprisingly, Cara, the owner told me that she was just about to e-mail me regarding a sponsorship as well! How awesome is that? So, in addition to giveaway prizes, ToFeb was nice enough to send me some pieces that I chose from their shop for review. I'll be reviewing three items today. (There are actually four items included in the package that was sent to me, but I decided to start with these three first and do the last one next time.) Let's start~

Kissing Star Necklace

This necklace is super pretty. I think this necklace is probably the one that people are the most familiar with, because Boys Over Flowers was such a big hit when it first aired here. It looks very identical to the one in the drama. The pendant is sparkly and covered with rhinestones, but it's very wearable and goes well with any outfit. My only problem with it is that the chain looks a bit flimsy and I would've preferred it to be a bit thicker (and maybe longer), but that's just me. No worries though, I just have to take extra care when wearing and storing it so it's okay. Overall it's a really nice piece, and if you're a fan of BoF and the story of love of Jan Di and Jun Pyo, I very much recommend getting this item.

49 Days Teardrop Necklace (One Tear)

I love this necklace so much. It's actually my favorite one from the ones that I got. 49 Days (or Pure Love, if you're from the Philippines) is one of the few k-dramas that really touched my heart, so I was so excited to get this. I was so happy to see that the pendant looks just like the one in drama. The size is perfect, and the tiny tear inside is more oval than round, so it looks more like a teardrop. It goes nicely with any outfit, but in my opinion it's much better worn with more elegant or feminine outfits, as you can see in this post. Even if you're not a fan of 49 Days, this piece is a definite must-have.

You're Beautiful Barette Hair Clip

I absolutely adore this hair clip! I have to admit I'm not that big of a fan of You're Beautiful, because I never got to finish the series, but this barette was one of the things that I remember from the series (aside from HongKi's fluffy vanilla blonde hair). And when I got this, it looks just as I imagined! The size of the bow is perfect, and the rhinestones are of good quality too. No missing pieces or anything, and everything's just so sparkly and pretty and I love it. Will definitely come up with a look featuring this hairpiece really soon.

So that's about it! No negative comments about any of these items, and these are all my honest opinions! ToFebruary's items are all really lovely, and they have such a kind and helpful owner. If it's your first time purchasing from an international buyer, don't fret! The people over at ToFebruary will be sure to guide you through the process. I just know that anyone who buys from them will be very happy with their items. I know I am. I'll post a review on the last item soon, and expect an outfit post with me wearing these pieces.

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