Blogger's United 2 + Little Tokyo date

December 11, 2011 No comments

As I mentioned in my previous post, Aian and I spent the most part of December 3rd at Treston International College for Bloggers United 2. The event was, to put it simply, one big ukay-ukay slash bazaar slash get together. The whole venue was full of bloggers and fashion personalities, and it was pretty packed even if we did get there rather late. We arrived at Treston at around 5, and I was scared that I wouldn't be able to buy anything from Val, who was selling some of her items at the event. Aian and I were able to buy two of her notebooks and one pretty print, all signed by her. When we were done buying from her booth (and spazzing over her pretty items), we headed straight to the area where FFT was. We were greeted by Paul, whose looked awesome as always. I then bought a couple of items from Mike, and Aian from Karl. After walking around the area, we mostly just hung out outside with Luisa, Lawrence, Allie and Lando. (It's weird that Allie and I left the venue after just going around once or twice. At conventions we can stay for hours and hours in the venue and never really get bored.) At around 7, Aian and I left for Little Tokyo.

We spent the rest of the evening at Little Tokyo, munching on delicious Hana california maki and Kagura modern mix okonomiyaki. Om nom nom. I can't even remember the last time that Aian and I went to eat at Little Tokyo (or the last time we had authentic Japanese food), so it was heavenly. I especially loved eating the yummy coffee jelly while looking at pretty lights. Probably the best dinner we've had in a while.

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