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November 16, 2011 No comments

A lot of readers ask me where I get my fashion inspiration from, and though a lot of it is from reading various blogs, most of my inspiration comes from looking at Japanese magazines. For this week's inspiration post, here are a few scans from one of my favorite Japanese magazines, Zipper.

My absolute favorite, as many of you might know, is KERA, and Mori Girl papier* comes in close at second, but Zipper is slowly crawling up to first place. It just amazes me how Zipper girls are able to mix and match different pieces without making their outfits look tacky at all!

Like all other Japanese magazines, Zipper also has a set roster of models that appear in every issue. My favorites include Ayumi Seto, Aoyagi Fumiko, Yura, and Amo-chan (formerly a KERA girl, and appears on KERA from time to time). Kyary Pamyupamyu is also a favorite, but I'm not sure if she's part of the Zipper roster as she's more frequently on KERA. I love that all these girls have very different styles, even though they model for the same magazine.

The magazine also has a section with simple makeup tutorials, most of which are on various ways of doing eye-make. For those who keep asking me how I learned how to do my eye makeup, this is the answer. (From the ones above, the very last one is the one closest to my own.)

I found it really cute that their December issue's street snaps section was divided into height ranges. Tall, middle, and mini. Each height range then has tips on how to wear clothes for your height. Apparently I fall under the Tall category (over 160cm) even though I'm not really that tall.

On a somewhat related note: I also have a J-fashion Tumblr that I update from time to time, for fashion inspiration and such. Posts are mostly just reblogs from other Tumblrs and photos of girls that I find really cute, but feel free to follow :)

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