love comes to me on a melody

September 17, 2011 No comments

Thrifted oversized shirt, from BF Ruins maxi skirt, hand-me-down sandals, Wisdom glasses.
Simple outfit for a simple day. Wearing for the my new favorite shirt, which I absolutely love because of the way it appears two sizes too big on me. I also adooore the neckline, which is a mix of three different fabrics. (Love that it's a boat neck as well, because it shows off my favorite part of my body -- my collarbones, mehe.) It also has this cute little poem on it about flying. Super adorable. Also, this is probably the only maxi skirt that I own, and this is circa 2005 (or 2004, I'm not quite sure). Found it while going through my closet the other night. I have absolutely no idea why I even have it, as it's a bit too long for me (I wear it above my waist), but I'm really glad I do. I can pair it with any of my oversized tops for an instant summer mori girl look! Definitely my go-to skirt for lazy-yet-I-still-want-to-look-girly days. (Good job, high school self!)

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